It’s been over five years since filmmaker Joe Berlinger approached Tony and Sage Robbins with the idea to make a full-length film featuring Tony and his transformative event, Date with Destiny.

Although hesitant that the film crew would affect the intimate atmosphere and inhibit breakthroughs, Joe was very persistent. Eventually, Tony and Sage gave Joe exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the six-day event. This is how the Netflix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru, was born.

In this video, Tony and Sage sit down with Joe to discuss how their groundbreaking Netflix documentary has impacted their lives in the five years since it originally started streaming.

Just as the filming of I Am Not Your Guru was out of Tony and Sage’s comfort zone, it was also out of Joe’s. Prior to making a documentary revolving around an event steeped in topics like empowerment and pushing yourself to become your true self, Joe’s resume consisted of dark documentaries about rock singers and serial killers. This project pushed his artistic vision to areas he had never explored. It was his own belief in the importance and impact of Date with Destiny that inspired Joe to create this documentary.

During his conversation with Tony and Sage, Joe also talks about how his life has changed – not just from the experience of creating the film, but from the experience of attending Date with Destiny and witnessing the transformations of other attendees firsthand.

In this candid conversation, you’ll hear behind-the-scenes details of the making of the documentary as well as never-before-heard details about the moving stories of lives changed during Date with Destiny. You’ll also get the chance to check in with those individuals and learn how their experience at the event helped to get them to where they are today.

Ready to discover the magic that made I Am Not Your Guru? You can stream it on Netflix now.

[1:58] Intro Joe Berlinger
[3:50] Joe’s experience at Date With Destiny
[8:00] Joe wanted to make a movie about Date With Destiny
[9:01] 2 stumbling blocks
[9:58] A deal is made
[10:51] Sage hesitant to make a movie
[12:02] Joe’s favorite moment in the film
[13:13] Tony’s reflections on Joe’s favorite moment
[14:29] Joe is the king of Netflix
[15:42] Skeptical Filming Crew
[16:47] Where are they now? Dawn
[23:22] Dawn’s path post Date With Destiny
[24:12] Dawn’s “uncle” Joaquin joins the conversation
[27:27] Dawn’s relationship with men
[29:11] Joe’s most impactful experience
[29:28] The greatest gift of Date With Destiny
[31:43] Does this last?
[32:00] The unique community of friends
[32:45] Where are they now? Tammy and Lance
[37:04] Lance’s cracks his shell
[37:37] Tammy can do anything with Lance
[39:02] A reflection of the human experience
[39:49] Lance and Tammy’s advice on an extraordinary life
[41:55] Creating a compelling life
[43:28] Date With Destiny: Mastering what’s inside
[43:38] Interested for yourself?

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Date With Destiny is a six-day seminar designed to help participants live out their ultimate purpose by gaining absolute clarity on what matters most in their lives. Designed by the world’s #1 authority on personal growth – Tony Robbins – this event shows people what drives every behavior, thought, decision and emotion they experience. Participants will discover their true purpose, improve every relationship in their lives and design the life of their dreams as they fully reshape their destinies.

Date With Destiny is unlike ANY other event on the planet – it’s Tony’s favorite event because of the depth of transformation that occurs. During this intensive program, participants will eradicate destructive subconscious behaviors, create personal vision statements and use Tony’s proprietary 9 Elements of Impact System to get an overview of everything that influences the world they live in. Graduates of the program range from people like Grammy winner musician Melissa Etheridge to world-renowned dancer, choreographer, actor and singer Derek Hough.

Now available as an immersive virtual event, Tony Robbins’s Date With Destiny is drawing larger crowds than ever before as people seek to ignite their passions and take control of their lives once and for all.

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