In this video, I talk about the most common way to sabotage your own success – and why humility is one of the most overlooked and valuable success qualities a person can possess.

Using daily affirmations will help you attract into your life all the love, appreciation, success, and abundance you desire and deserve. Learn how to not sabotage your own success, by downloading my Free daily affirmations for success guide by clicking the link above.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Story: Evan Carmichael
01:22 – Roll Up Your Sleeves And Do The Work
01:55 – Set Realistic Goals
02:45 – It’s Never The Goal That’s Impossible
03:23 – Download My Daily Affirmations Guide
03:51 – Overnight Success Is Never Overnight
04:36 – Question: Identify ONE Action You Will Take


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A Guaranteed Way to Sabotage Your Success

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