Just like so many other things in this day and age, the technology in home security systems has gone through huge advancements.

It was the early nineteen-seventies when security companies such as ADT began to offer alarm and security systems for your home that the technology began to develop.

Back then, a home alarm system consisted basically of door and window sensors connected to a loud alarm box that was mounted somewhere on the residence.

Of course you have seen on TV and the movies how the burglar or international spy could bypass the alarm system with a simple pair of wire cutters and you always thought that it just couldn’t be that easy.

Unfortunately back then it really was that easy and there were even easier ways to bypass alarm systems back then such as simply turning off the power at the breaker box or any one of a number of methods.

Todays home security and alarm systems are far more sophisticated and just don’t have the holes in them that they did back then.

To start with, the new state of the art wireless system don’t have any wires that can be cut so James Bond would be out of luck with his wire snippers now. The batteries last up to three years and the component will signal the control panel when they need to be replaced.

Thats just the beginning, because the level of technology that you can get in todays home security stems is truly space age.

In fact, there is even voice recognition technology that is available if you want it. With voice recognition technology, you can give your alarm system commands with your spoken word, such as when to turn on or off when you are coming and going at your residence.

Ultra sensitive micro-sensors have completely revolutionized todays alarm systems and you would be amazed at all that they can see, even in the dark.

Using infrared and motion detectors that can tell if something warm is moving you can now have a thirty-five foot invisible security perimeter established around your home.

With this security zone in place, you don’t have to wait for someone to reach your home before the alarm is sounded.

You would think that system like that would be plagued by false alarms from things such as cats and dogs but this just isn’t the case. This is because these sensors are so finely calibrated that they can differentiate between animals such as those and people.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of 911 glitches where the overloaded system has failed. The last thing you are going to want to do in an emergency is to sit on the phone with a 911 operator.

With state of the art home monitoring, your security system sends a signal to a security monitoring station that is manned by highly trained professionals who instantly take command of the situation and notify emergency person ell as they simultaneously contact you, so you aren’t alone.

by David Johnson from ArticlesFactory