The Best Way to Accept Constructive Criticism | Brian Tracy

Constructive criticism, even if very constructive, can be tough to accept. Learn how to use constructive criticism to your advantage, hone in on whatever it is you are working on, and improve it for the better.

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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Download: 14-Step Goal-Setting Guide
00:50 – Look Past Your Initial Reaction
01:42 – Ask Questions About How You Can Improve
02:15 – Be Thankful for Feedback
03:00 – Filter In Useful Criticism & Filter Out Useless Criticism
04:05 – Create an Action Plan & Discuss How to Make Changes
05:09 – Question: Have You Ever Received Constructive Criticism That Was Difficult To Hear And How Did You Deal With It?


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The Keys To Constructive Criticism

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The Best Way to Accept Constructive Criticism

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