If you work in difficult conditions, then a rugged laptop may be just what the doctor orderedRugged laptops are not cheap, you may know that already since you are interested in them.

And they also don’t come with the same configuration as the other commercial laptops you may be used to. What you get instead with a Rugged laptop is the possibility and flexibility to work in a lot of tough locations on difficult weather.

That is the real value of a rugged laptop, value that earns all the money you may have paid for it.

If you work in a place where you find one of the below listed conditions, then you should really consider buying a rugged laptop:

Liquid all over (including on your rugged laptop)

Rugged laptops have sealed keyboards that won’t let the water or any other liquid to seep inside. Also, the ports that you will find on a ruggedized laptop are usually protected by efficient covers that keep the liquid away from connectors so you won’t experience any unpleasant situations in wet environments.

Strong and persistent vibrations

Rugged laptops were designed with this issue in mind, they have strong components, a hard drive that resists to strong vibrations, things that commercial laptops don’t do. Put a normal laptop in a vibrating environment and you may have the surprise of loosing data. Not with a rugged laptop. They are also tested for…

Drops, drops, drops

During a work day you may drop your rugged laptop more than once. You should know that all the components inside it are strong and tested to withstand a strong impact: CPU, hard drive, optical devices, etc. The rugged laptop case is also strong not easy to break.

Electromagnetic fields

Commercial notebooks won’t perform well near an electromagnetic area such as radio transmissions, power generators, etc. A rugged laptop was actually designed to work in such environments, environments where commercial notebooks may actually stop working.

by John Wally Smith from articlesfactory