With millions of websites on the Internet today, choosing a Domain Name can become quite gruesome. Have you ever asked yourself, loved ones, friends, your dog etc. – “What shall I call my Domain“?

Not having a clue about your site’s name can become tiresome, exhausting and even draining to say the least. I‘ve known people that have taken months to make a decision about their Domain Name.

First of all, before you even think of choosing a Domain Name, you have to know what type of business you are thinking of promoting or getting into. Does the word “niche“ strike a cord?

A profitable niche can be described as a certain business or market category you can be interested in getting involved with to promote either someone’s product or maybe even your own. There are three main niche categories and they are as follows:




Wealth Niche – Can include these types of businesses – Business Opportunities, Home Based Business, Work from Home (great for moms or even dads), Internet Marketing and Advertising, Selling Products on eBay or Amazon.com, Stock Market Investing just to mention a few.

Health Niche – Can include these types of businesses – Quit Smoking, Migraine Headache Remedies, Losing Weight, Exercise Equipment, Correct Eating Habits, Herbal Diets and so forth.

Life Style Niche – Can include these types of businesses – Pets, Travel, Magazine Subscriptions, Home & Garden, Fashion Industry and more.

Once you have chosen a niche, you want to make sure that whatever Domain Name you choose for your site is relevant to what you are promoting.


Let‘s say you have a website and the theme of your site is Pets, (a billion dollar a year industry, by the way), you want your name to be something like the following:

“lovemypets.com“ or “petproducts.com“. Are you beginning to catch my drift?

Relevancy to your niche or whatever you‘re promoting is vital to your online business success.

Try to also keep your Domain Name short and sweet and use this TLD (Top Level Domain – “.com“. You want you‘re name to look and sound professional and easy enough to remember.

If you find out that a lot of the names you are choosing are already takenFeature Articles, try and be creative by adding a hyphen between words. There are plenty of Internet Millionaires out there that do use hyphens in their Domain Names without it causing any problems.

Best of luck to all and be sure to choose your Domain Name wisely!

Author – Jes Guzman from ArticlesFactory