What is Amazon UPC Codes?

Want to sell on Amazon but confused about which barcode to use? Are you unclear about what UPC is and where to buy cheap UPC codes for your Amazon listings?

What is UPC?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code and people often use the terms UPC, UPC symbol, GTIN and UPC barcode interchangeably.

A UPC barcode is a machine-readable code that displays a series of numbers and bars. Barcodes allow items to be scanned quickly using a tool such as a barcode reader and are made up of a series of digits called a GTIN.

UPC barcodes help identify products, track every sale and make the process of selling and shipping products to customers much more efficient.

When it comes to how many unique barcodes you need to buy and when to use them, the rules can be broken down quite simply.

Every identical product you sell must have the same barcode.

For example, if you sell 100 identical “red” handkerchiefs, you will need one barcode.

In turn, the 100 “blue” handkerchiefs will each receive another unique barcode.

If you have size variations, each size group will need its own unique barcode.

If you’re selling bundles of 2 items, each bundle will need its own unique barcode.