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Oh hello and welcome to this edition of World at War my name is Mohammad s in arguably the biggest escalation that has been witnessed in years the Palestinian militant faction Hamas and Israel appear to be in an allout war in a surprise ass all that began in the early hours of the

7th of October which Hamas has DED his operation Alexa storm the Palestinian group attacked Israel from Land Air and sea in a span of about 20 minutes Hamas claims to have F over 7,500 Rock Rockets into Israel and its Fighters breached and captured an Israeli military Camp as

Sinin blazed over the Israeli Skies prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu up on National Television to announce that Israel is at war with Hamas but the question is this what has sparked this latest round of violence in the Holy lands why has the Palestinian faction Hamas launched the sudden strike and

More importantly how did the Israeli agencies fail to predict and prevent this massive attack from the Gaza Strip because effectively Israel has placed the Gaza Strip under a blockade for more than a decade and everything that is brought in and taken out from the Gaza Strip passes from under the watchful

Eyes of the Israelis our next p get you more Details this is the moment when the attack by Hamas began on Israel wave after wave of Hamas rocket KS pierced through the Israeli skies and wed havoc in different parts of Israel as sinin bled in city after Israeli city the scale of the attack by Hamas became

Clear but what became clear as daylight was the fact that Israel had been caught off guard soon chilling images of the Hamas Fighters breaching through an Israeli military camp and capturing it started to do the rounds this video shows the Hamas Fighters pulling an Israeli soldier out of a

Destroy tank near Israel’s border with Gaza and according to Hamas they’ve managed to capture several other Israeli soldiers and are presently holding them captive and this video will give you a glimpse of the tactics employed by Hamas this time round captured by a drone it shows ammunition being dropped on

Israeli Soldiers the military commander of Hamas Muhammad dif has claimed that the assault was precipitated by the violence and the atrocities committed by the Israelis on Palestinians for decades we have decided to put an end to this with God’s help so the enemy understands that the time of wreaking

Without being held accountable is over we announced the start of Al AKA flood operation we also announc with the help and strength of God that the first strike of Al AA flood operation has targeted sights of the enemy its airports and military fortifications during the first 20 minutes with more

Than 5,000 rockets and missiles launched this day is the great Revolution day to put an end to the last occupation and last appeide regime in the world images of the devastation Red by the Palestinian Rockets have taken Everyone by surprise the failure of the much started Israeli iron D in stopping the Hamas

Rockets and the failure of the Israeli intelligence agency in predicting and preventing these attacks has raised a lot of questions soon the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put out a statement saying that Israel is at war with Hamas citizens of Israel we are at War not in an operation or in fighting

Rounds but at War this morning Hamas launched a murderous surprise attack against the state of Israel and its citizens we have been in this since the early morning hours I convened the heads of the security establishment and ordered first of all to clear out the communities that have been infiltrated

By terrorists this currently is being carried out at the same time I have ordered an extensive mobilization of reserves and that we return fire of a magnitude that the enemy has not known but the Israeli people hardly needed a reminder that they were living through a war because the war was all

Around them on the other hand the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said that the people of Palestine have a right to defend themselves and that the attack by Hamas was in response to the atrocities committed by the illegal Israeli settlers on Palestinian lands soon Israeli fighter jets were spotted over the Palestinian Skies

Carrying out a counter offensive on Hamas positions what is happening in Gaza at the moment is unprecedented captured Israeli military hardware is being paraded on Gaza streets and bobbed by barricades erected by the Israelis are being brought Down the race to develop the next generation of super weapons is well and truly underway on the 5th of October the Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia had successfully testified a nuclear part cruise missile you’ve so far heard about ballistic missiles cruise missiles or even Hypersonic missiles that can carry a nuclear

Warhead but Vladimir Putin now claims to have developed a nuclear powered cruise missile with potentially an unlimited range the Russia Ukraine war at this moment hangs on a delicate balance the Ukrainian counter offensive that has dragged on for four long months has failed to breach the Russian defenses

The Western appetite for War by backing Ukraine appears to be waning and with the weather about to change and winter about to set in in the next few weeks the possibility that Russia will now unleash an offensive of its own is looking very real our next board here to more

Details from the time Russia began its invasion of Ukraine Moscow has showcased one new strategic weapon system after another dubbed ases Russia Russ’s new super weapons Vladimir Putin announced the development of these weapon systems during his presidential address back in March 2018 and now Vladimir Putin claims to

Have pulled out yet another card from his sleeve now we have practically finished work on the modern strategic weapons that I spoke about and announced a few years ago we have conducted the last successful test of the bur West Nick a global range cruise missile with a nuclear installation and a nuclear

Propulsion system what Vladimir Putin is talking about isn’t just a cruise missile that can carry a nuclear warhead but rather a cruise missile that uses atomic energy for its propulsion and that can also deliver a nuclear payload this video released by the Russian defense Ministry from the

Testing site of this new weapon system Sy will give you a glimpse of what this new missile is capable of the Russians call it bov vesnik while the Western NATO Powers have dubbed this new weapon system as Skyfall as baves neck relies on nuclear power for its propulsion it technically

Has an unlimited range making it possible to be launched from any part of the globe maneuver it safely through anti-ed defense systems before it strikes its Target with pinpoint accuracy if Russian claims are true then this missile provides Moscow with a technological Edge that no other country has but Western nuclear experts are

Skeptical about the reliability of nuclear engine for propulsion among the Strategic super weapons that Vladimir Putin has announced the Kinzel Hy Sonic missile is the only one that has been used in combat against Ukraine while the ziron missiles have been deployed on Admiral gorkov one of Russia’s most advanced

Warships on the 6th of October Russia struck the Rosa Village in the karv region resulting in over 52 fatalities condemning the missile strike Kev claimed that Moscow had struck a cafe and a grocery store where civilians had gathered to mourn a fallen soldier but Kremlin rubbish the Ukrainian

Allegations and insisted that it never deliberately targets any civilians with winter about to set in Russian tactics are looking eerily similar to what it had done last year in wave after wave of missile and drone strikes Moscow is hammering down on Ukraine’s power infrastructure we are doing everything we can so that

Ukraine acquires more air defense systems before winter right now we are waiting for our partners to take certain decisions however all efforts regarding either the defense of critical facilities or their urgent reconstruction undertaken on a regional level have to be prioritized before winter begins even the most stridden supporters

Of the Ukrainian war effort are now admitting in hush tones that Ukraine’s counter offensive has failed and the biggest fear now is a lightning offensive by Russia with the onset of Winter more than 100 people have been killed in a drone attack during a graduation ceremony of a military College in Syria’s homes Province the death rle is only expected to rise further as many among the more than 250 others whove been wounded are said to be

In a critical condition it is for the first time in many years that the forces of the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad have been targeted in an assault of this scale in the heart of the Syrian government territory who is behind this gruesome bobbing is not clear but

Curiously the United States is said to have shot down a Turkish drone with the Americans claim had weed very close to the American troops operating in Syria now you may wonder what are American troops doing on Syrian soil ever since the Civil War broke out in Syria in 2011

The United States has pumped in weapons and has both overtly and coverly supported the rebel forces who are trying to bring down the Assad government in Damascus but the big overarching question at the moment is this who was behind the deadly drone attack in which more than a 100 military

Graduates were killed during a Graduation [Applause] Ceremony this is the chilling moment in the immediate aftermath of a drone strike at a military graduation ceremony in Syria’s Western city of hes as the bodies were counted the scale of the attack became clear the death toll was over

116 in which 31 women and at least five children were killed more than 240 others had been injured and many among them are said to be in critical condition what had been attacked was a graduation ceremony of a military college and the Syrian defense minister Ali Mahmud Abbas had attended the

Ceremony and had left just minutes before the attack the Drone strike has been dabbed as one of the worst attacks ever since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 at an elaborate funeral ceremony that was attended by the Syrian defense minister people moaned the loss of their

Loved ones most people did not even have the words to express the tragedy that had befallen them I want to say goodbye to him my brother the Syrian defense minister V that the sacrifice of the matters would not go in vain the dignity and prosperity of a Nation have an high

Price and the biggest value someone can give to his nation is to offer his life for those Martyrs who gave their lives for the nation of course the price of their blood is very valuable but the nation is more so and we need to make sacrifices for the benefit of the

Nation what is also surprising about the attack is that no one has still come forth to claim responsibility for it but Damascus has accused Terror groups backed by International powers to be behind the attack the Drone strike is believed to have been launched from an area Northwest of hes the Syrian Army’s

Response has been Swift it Unleashed a wave of of air strikes on Rebel held territories in ID Sirens wailed in idlib’s ARA region while Villages of de San buul and Benin suffered heavy bombardment but curiously in what the Americans claim is an unrelated incident an American F-16 fighter jet was used to

Shoot down a Turkish drone from the Syrian airspace Toki has been carrying out Air Raids in Northern parts of Syria and Iraq after the suicide bombing in Ankara but why the Americans targeted a combat drone of a fellow NATO Ally is not clear and so earlier today secretary Austin

Spoke by phone with Turkish minister of National Defense Yar guler to discuss Turkish activity in proximity to US forces in Syria the secretary reaffirmed that the United States remains in Syria exclusively in support of the campaign to defeat Isis the secretary also acknowledged turkey’s legitimate security concerns and underscored the

Importance of close coordination between the United States and Turkey to prevent any risk to US forces or the global coalition’s defeat Isis Mission an estimated 900 American soldiers and hundreds of US contractors are stationed in the rebel held territory that is run by the cardish Syrian Democratic forces the Americans claim their troops

Are in Syria to fight the Isis but Damascus wants the Americans out of its territory it has accused Washington of trading and arming the rebels to AR Bashar al-assad by all means and Damascus also wants accountability for the Drone strike the Bashar al-assad government wants answers for who

Equipped the rebels with the Drone and the capacity to carry out an attack on such Scale Kurdish Insurgent groups have repeatedly staged attacks inside turkey at the heart of the this violence is the demand for an independent Kurdistan the revolutionary group called The Kurdistan Workers Party otherwise known as the pkk was formed in 1978 with a stated objective to secure the linguistic cultural and political

Rights of the Kurdish minority in Turkey in the last four Decades of the Kurdistan Workers Party surprising an estimated 40,000 people a vast majority of whom are Kurdish civilians been killed and this past week the pkk has C out an audacious attack in the heart of the Turkish capital in response to which

The Turkish war planes have carried out bombings in the northern part of Iraq and Syria but the obvious question is this why are Turkish war planes hovering over Northern Iraq and Syria in order to quell an Insurgency by the Kurdistan Workers Party our next report gets you all the details this CCTV footage

Captures the chilling moment when a pkk suicide bomber got out of a car car and then blew himself up in front of the Turkish interior Ministries building in Anchor the suicide bomb was accomplished was gunned down Moments Later by the Turkish police two police Personnel suffered sharel injuries on the basis of

Subsequent investigations the Turkish police carried out what it described as controlled explosions of suspicious packages that were found in other parts of Anora Vehicles were stopped and searched the blast is the first one in anchora since 2016 and happened on the day where the Turkish Parliament was to

Convene for a new session as bomb squad sanitized the attacker’s vehicle it emerged that the attackers had hijacked the Renault cargo vehicle after killing the driver in caseri a city that is 260 kilm southeast of ankora Turkish president r t erdan condemned the suicide bombing is the final flatter of

Terrorism we affirmed that security in the Middle East region requires the acceleration of the Quest for a just comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue this solution must be based on resolutions in the international Arena and must bring about a peace that allows Palestinian people to have an independent state within the

1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital the Kurdistan Workers Party claimed the attack outside the Turkish interior Ministry as having been carried by its Immortal Battalion group immediately after this turkey began its Crackdown on Kurdish separatists in wave after wave of midnight raids the Turkish security Personnel arrested at least

About 90 people linked to the Kurdish separatist movement and estimated 20 targets of the Kurdistan Workers Party such as gar Hur matina and kandel in Northern IR were bombed by the Turkish F Jets on the 4th of October turkey’s foreign minister announced that that the attackers had come from northern

Syria after this latest incident it has become clear as a result of work done by our intelligence and security forces that the two terrorists came from Syria that they received training there as a result of this I would like to express this from here infrastructure superstructure facilities energy

Facilities that belong to the pkk and the vipg especially in Iraq and Syria are all legitimate targets of our security forces Armed Forces intelligence units from now on I advise from here that third parties stay away from facilities and people belonging to the pkk and ypg should on the 13th of November 2022

A powerful explosion ripped through central estanbul T square area in which six people were killed and 81 others were wounded no group had claimed responsibility for the attack but the Turkish authorities were quick to blame the Kurdistan Workers Party as the perpetrators with the a of Saddam

Hussein in Iraq and the ruinous and the unending civil war in Syria the Kurdish communities in the Northern parts of Iraq and Syria have managed to set up largely autonomously governed territories in these regions to crush the separatist Tendencies amongst turkey’s Kurdish population ankor carries out repeated incursions into

Northern Syria and Iraq and this is a conflict that’ll continue to fester for many years to Come the West African nation of Mali is staing at a two-prong crisis the trouble began in the month of August when islamist militant blockaded the roads leading into the historic city of timbak trucks Laden with goods were halted River and air rots being shot and just

When you think things can’t get any more worse the ethnic to our aggress rebels in the northern part of Mali have gone on the offensive looting several military bases in an area that is set to span several hundreds of kilometers in a span of two years that is between 2020

And 2021 Mali has gone through two coups the military hun which has taken charge has severed it stars with the former colonial power France and has kied its troops out the United Nations peacekeepers are also on their way out with this being the situation half prepared is Mali to from the twoof

Frontal challenge that has read its head on the city of Timbuktu is a UNESCO world heritage site dotted with universities and madrasas Timbuktu has been the nerve center of Islamic scholarship right from the 15th and 16th centuries in West Africa but this historic city is now under a crippling

Blockade imposed by an Al-Qaeda Affiliated jihadist Alliance that has declared pred a war in the Timbuktu region tens of thousands of local residents of Timbuktu have now been completely cut off from the rest of the world all roads leading up to Timbuktu have been blocked with jihadist Fighters

Patrolling with their 12.7 mm machine guns while the only Riverway to the city from over the njer river flowing south of Timbuktu has been taken out of operation after dozens of civilians were killed in an attack on a fairy on the 7th of September the situation is bad because

We’re having trouble with our Goods not arriving with a lot of our merchandise we’re in crisis right now there’s a lot of milk sugar and oil that’s not coming into our town prices are skyrocketing petrol has gone up to a price never seen before in timbuk 2 Fuel and Diesel are no except

Ception basic necessities are already becoming scarce but if you thought this was bad then things are only about to get worse a Peace accorded by the United Nations has broken apart leading to a Resurgence of fighting between the Malian armed forces and the T EG Rebels a 13,000 strong force of the

United Nations in the month of June announced that it was on its way out while the northern tegg Rebels have managed to capture their fifth military base at TOA an estimated 650 people have been killed in the fighting since the month of June the tegs are fighting a

Separatist movement with the goal of achieving an independent state in the northern part of Mali called azawad in 2013 France which had been a former colonial power in Mali had sent its troops with a lot of fanfare to crush the islamist ter Terror groups which had spring up in this part of the

Sahel region but as the years dragged and the French forces proved almost ineffectual in the fight against the islamists the public opinion in mly turned against the French presence but this time the Maran government basically asked everybody to leave first the French anti-terror Mission last year now the UN

Peacekeeping Force the country is isolated uh it’s it’s hard to see who might come to mari’s rescue this time and everybody is basically praying that the conflict won’t you know turn to larger instability in the region the Malian government has turned to the Russian Wagner mercenary group for help

An estimated thousand Wagner militia are training the forces of the malan Hun but so far the Wagner presence hasn’t managed to achieve anything more than what the french did in the decade long conflict in Africa’s troubled Sahel region thousands of people have been killed while Millions have been

Displaced from their homes the violent insurgencies that had predominantly affected the Sahel nations of Mali Burkina Faso and njer have now also spread to the coastal nations of Benin Togo and Ivory Coast but for the people who are caught in the crippling blockade of Timbuktu and other parts of Mali the biggest fear

Is that no help is forthcoming from from any Quarter and without a trap on this edition of World at War and if you want to reach out to me with any comment suggestions or feedback feel free to do so on the ID that you’re looking at on your screens I’m your host Mohammad s and I’ll see you again next week



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