Israel warns Gaza to prepare for retaliation following surprise attack – BBC News

Video Transcript of Israel warns Gaza to prepare for retaliation following surprise attack – BBC News


Well it’s now 24 hours since the beginning of a surprise attack by Hamas against Israel here are the key developments in the conflict as they stand this Sunday morning Israel’s prime minister has warned Gins to prepare for retaliation and says his country is about to embark on a long and difficult

War more than 250 Israelis have died and the toll on the Palestinian side has been put at at least 230 gun bottles are continuing in several parts of Israel amas gunmen have taken hostages although some are reported to have been released there are some reports on Rockets being fired from

Lebanon into Northern Israel the militant group Hezbollah have said they did it the UN Security Council will meet later on Sunday President Biden has vowed Rock Solid support for Israel and warned against other countries taking advantage of the situation well let’s show you live pictures from Gaza now all is relatively

Quiet on the streets no surprise as we’ve just mentioned people have been told to shelter inside we know that air strikes have continued just in the past few hours we’ve seen renewed Israeli air strikes overnight it’s responded to hamas’s attack with devastating air strikes including some in the last

Little while the United States is working with other governments to calm the situation several Middle Eastern countries including Egypt Saudi Arabia and Jordan have been in to in contact to coordinate efforts to contain the violence the UN Security Council will discuss the crisis at an emergency meeting on Sunday Simon Jones has the

[Applause] latest what Israel is describing as its Mighty Vengeance on the Palestinian militant group Hamas overnight Gaza has been rocked by explosions earlier war planes hit several buildings in the center of the city the Israeli Defense Forces released these pictures which they say are Hamas cells being targeted the Israeli

Military trying to show they are on the front foot after being taken by surprise by hamas’s attacks the Israeli Prime Minister issued this warning in a televised address all of the places Hamas is active in in this city of evil all the places Hamas is hiding in operating from

Will turn them into ruins I’m telling the people of Gaza get out of there now because we’re about to take action everywhere with all our Force this is how the attack by Hamas began yesterday morning armed men cutting through Israel’s perimeter fence accompanied by a wave of Rocket attacks

Hamas released this footage showing an Israeli tank being targeted it was a highly planned operation catching Israel off guard Israelis who’ been at a rave in the fields near Gaza were forced to flee for their lives they were going three by three and shooting everywhere from two sides and I

Saw many people like people were dying like all around Israelis were seen being taken into Gaza as hostages more than 50 soldiers and civilians are believed to have been taken captive though some have been rescued or released overnight the leader of Hamas which governs Gaza has promised to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian

Lands we are on the verge of a great Victory and a clear Conquest on on the Gaza front in the Israeli city of sidot which came under attack a bulldozer is used to break into a police station where Hamas gunmen were thought to be holed up the British prime minister has described

Hamas’s actions as cowardly and depraved a view shared by the US president innocent people murdered wounded entire families taken hostage by Hamas just days after Israel marked the holiest of days in the Jewish calendar is unconscionable you know when I spoke with prime minister Netanyahu this morning I told him the United States

Stands with the people of Israel in the face of these terrorist assaults this morning Gaza is shrouded in Smoke Israel says it’s cutting off the supply of electricity Fuel and goods to the city the Israeli military says it has also carried out strikes into Lebanon after shots were F from the

North and the Hamas attacks have continued this was Tel Aviv last night the escalating violence will be discussed today at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council hamash shows no sign of pulling back the Israeli Prime Minister is warning of a long and difficult War diplomatic efforts to

Stabilize what is the largest escalation in this conflict for decades won’t be easy Simon Jones BBC News well let’s go live to our report in Gaza rushi abalu uh rushi a very tense situation right now what’s the latest that you’re hearing inside Gaza yeah was nonstop chilling all night

Air strike strikes according to sources about 150 targets have been hit since the last night night and until now the explosions could be heard black smoke raised out of the Hamas Comm Commander buildings in in Gaza according to Hamas about houses belong to Hamas senior commanders and also local military commanders have been

Targeted destroyed about 20 22 people have been killed out of because of the last night night and this morning air strikes and this is bring the the overall diff diff beginning this operation to 252 people and over over 1,700 people have been injured some of them in a very critic critical condition

Appeal to be able to visit any nearest hospital and donate a blood for for this the this the the the picture here is completely different this morning from yeser from yesterday yesterday we have seen people celebrating Hamas firing thousands of rockets into Israel but this morning the situation is completely the opposite

People are staying Indo the sound of explosions the the black smoke are almost across the Gaza Strip also the most of the areas in G are without electricity as Israel stopped the supplying Gaza with with the electricity so only 20% of the electricity needed are available for for Gaza so so most

Have no electricity and when there is no electricity always the Water Supplies will be affected lines are down since since yesterday and this morning one of the significant air strike that targeted what is called the Waton building it’s a building that consider a h a hub for most of

The internet providers in in Gaza so more more problem will be faced by the people of Gaza because of destroying this Tower which considered one of the for the internet and rashy you’ve taken us through what Ordinary People are facing inside Gaza at the moment what about Hamas there has

Been shock outside of Gaza at the size of the weapons Arsenal that Hamas were able to build up can you shed some light onto that yeah well for the last 17 years Hamas is in control of this territory it’s a it’s a place where they have a

Long Coastal border and Al and also a border with the sinin and I think Hamas was all the time not hiding they were all the time saying that we are preparing for such battle with Israel with the we are developing weapons we are smuggling weapons into into Gaza and

Also they are expecting Israeli to to react react or to what they have done yesterday and we have seen how how Israel hit hard last night and they they continue to do destroying most of the Hamas two three buildings Hamas Banks were destroyed infrastructure for Hamas military compound also so houses for

Their for their leaders were hit and destroyed so Hamas know the consequences of such to Israel and they must have been expecting that Israeli reaction okay Rashi thank you for talking to us I’m glad we got a line through to you in Gaza City Rashi Abu ALU thank you



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