Video Transcript of Israel strikes Gaza with ‘mighty vengeance’ – day 2 update


Hundreds of men women and children gunned down in their cars homes and at a rave dozens more captured and taken into Gaza Israel is still reeling from yesterday’s surprise attack by Hamas which is designated a terrorist group by the UK the US and the European Union

Shock to in Gaza where two days of retaliatory air strikes have led to hundreds of casualties the Army claims it’s back in control of most areas of Southern Israel but it has continued to battle Hamas fighters in eight towns Israeli media says more than 700 Israelis were killed

In the group’s deadliest attack in 50 years of conflict they include 44 soldiers and at least 370 Palestinians have been killed in the densely populated Gaza Strip where Israel’s air strikes have destroyed whole apartment blocks the fighting is also drawn in Lebanese militant group Hezbollah the iran-backed group exchanged fire with

Israel on on Sunday after launching rockets and shells at three Israeli positions in the disputed sh Sheba Farms area Hezbollah said the attack was in solidarity with the Palestinian people and an Egyptian policeman has opened fire on Israeli tourists in the city of Alexandria killing two of them and their

Egyptian guide let’s go live now to our foreign correspondent Saka Kamari who’s by the Israel Gaza border sakander well we’re not far from the Gaza Strip and we’ve been hearing very regular loud thuds of Israeli air strikes Landing in Gaza we’ve seen footage coming in of the impact of those

Air strikes as they hit Targets in Gaza too we’ve also been seeing at times the Israeli Iron Dome defense system intercepting some of the missiles uh the Rockets I should say fired out of Gaza by Hamas and uh what’s really unprecedented though about the situation

That uh we find ourselves in now is the way that Palestinian gunmen have infiltrated over the past few days into Israeli territory moving through Israeli towns shooting and abducting civilians it’s been a massive security failure a massive intelligence failure on the Israeli side it’s also led to the single

Deadliest incident for Israeli civilians in the country’s history and the assault isn’t over yet in the nearby Israeli town of well residents there have been warned by Security Forces to stay at home whilst they search for uh remaining gunmen of course there’s also a huge amount of

Fear for the 2 million or so people living in the Gaza Strip um we’re not allowed to travel into the territory that we do have a colleague uh filming for us who is based there he and other residents are not allowed to leave Gaza it seems almost inevitable that in the

Coming days there’s going to be a major ground of offensive targeting Gaza a warning that our report contains some distressing images day two of this war and Israeli forces have still been battling pockets of Hamas gunman reports of fresh infiltrations by militants terrifying residents in southern Israel your despite its military strength

Israel seems to be struggling to assert full control over its territory heavy air strikes are pounding the densely populated Gaza Strip with rockets still being launched from there Israel’s primee Minister has vowed there will be no respite as the country reels from its deadliest attack in in decades Israelis want

Revenge in this small town of ofakim residents vent their fury on the abandoned vehicles used by the militants setting one on fire okay let’s go this gives you a sense of the level of anger there is in Israel right now one of the guys who set that car on fire

Just told told us if prime minister Netanyahu doesn’t wipe Gaza out he should leave the country dozens of people were killed here and just after we leave clashes erupt nearby the unprecedented coordinated assault with Hamas Fighters flying over the Border fence or bulldozing through it began yesterday morning gunman Rampage through Israeli

Communities in shocking videos dozens of hostages including women and children are shown taken back into Gaza Israelis have never been hit like this before underlining just how little a threat most Israelis saw emanating from Gaza thousands had been attending an open air Rave not far from the

Border then there was Panic as the militants attacked Roy was there and thought he would never Escape alive so how many bullets three two one in and out and one still in my uh stomach we hid under a truck and played dead when the terrorists came they wanted to

Make sure we weren’t alive so they shot me and my two friends they both passed out I hope and pray that they are still alive but I just don’t know outside a hospital in the southern city of basiba desperate parents are looking for their children 22-year-old son was also at the

Rave he called his mother when he heard Rockets being fired go go go she told him to run but hasn’t heard from him since police Army anyone just bring me my boy nobody is telling us anything what kind of country is this I was in the H can’t find

Anywhere in response Israel has launched a ferocious bombing campaign on Gaza entire streets have been reduced to Rubble this is one of the most densely populated places in the world and everyone here feels under attack we like everyone here are being oppressed under the fire the bombing all

Night long this building 80 families lived here you’re talking about a whole neighborhood a whole neighborhood 80 homes the death toll here has been rising and will continue to do so as this assault intensifies outside the OAA Hospital a crowd gathers around an injured man crador lovingly in his arms he holds

The body of his young child killed when an air strike hit his home a final Kiss From A distraught father Israel has warned gazans in certain neighborhoods to leave for other parts of the strip but they can’t get out of Gaza on both sides of this conflict Ordinary People are paying a terrible

Price five live in this building three rockets hit without any warning without any call without anything a whole family was killed a husband wife and their children the rest are injured in the hospital anger at Israel’s bloody and oppressive occupation and blockade of Gaza helped fuel the awful violence inflicted by Palestinian

Militants anger at their brutality will fuel the deadly response Israel is now inflicting on Gaza s kamani there and some of the footage in his report was filmed by our colleague Yousef hamash who’s inside Gaza well I’m now joined by Flur Hassan Nahum who’s the deputy mayor of

Jerusalem when you look at the number of deaths the number of people held hostage still do you believe that the intelligence and Security Services have this situation under control or not well they certainly didn’t yesterday morning when there were an attack in seven eight different points on a border

Which is supposed to be properly secured um it’s a border of a country going into another country because Israel as your um your reporter misinformed the public has not uh been in Gaza since 2005 you can talk about a blockade but you can’t talk about an occupation Israel left uh

Gaza in 2005 they’ve had free and fair elections at least once uh Hamas was elected by the people over fatak and they’ve been ruling the Gaza Strip uh for the last 10 11 years um and we actually have a proper border yeah but it’s been blockaded it’s been blockaded

For 16 years and there is now Untold suffering in Gaza as there is among the Israelis de you know this is something that this Bloodshed is now is just appalling to watch isn’t it do you do you agree with that Gaza has Gaza has two borders one with us and one with

Egypt um in fact in the last few months this is why this was surprising to us in Israel we’ve been uh increasing the amount at hamas’s request we’ve been increasing the amount of work permits for gazans to come into Israel to do a an honest day’s work because you know

Hamas take the international Aid that they get and they build weaponries and tunnels instead of actually developing an economy or anything good for their people hospitals and schools but you know there are civilians in there who are unable to leave and they’re being urged to leave now where are they

Supposed to go where are they supposed to go the two million civil people in in Gaza and where are the people in the south of Israel supposed to go the militants that came into Gaza yesterday morning came in with one goal and that was to kill Innocents when Israel goes

In to destroy terrorist infrastructure innocence unfortunately are the casualties of war and let me tell you the people in the building that you reported about all got an SMS message saying please leave the building we’re about to bomb it because there is terrorist infrastructure in that

Building what we have here is a double War crime the Gaza the the Hamas which is a terrorist organization which is Isis which is an arm of the Iranian government come in to kill innocent Israelis and we go in and we warn their innocence let me talk about innocent let

Me talk about the innocent Israelis that you’ve just mentioned some of whom are now held hostage um yes do what is given the security failings um that you’ve alluded to yourself should the security minister resign do you think well I’m not in the cabinet and I can’t make those

Decisions opin I’m a local politician look I think that at the moment we have to get the situation out of control in control we have to restore Cal we have to get the people that have been uh taken hostage back and then and how do you do that we have to have an

Investigation on what happened here right and and how do you get the hostages back safely because some of them have been taken to Gaza now is a ground offensive there the only option or is that fraud with difficulty and might you be better negotiating with Hamas for example well I I don’t think

Hamas is a somebody an honest organization to negotiate with especially when everybody knows that they’re the long arm of the Iranians and if you ask me why this is happening it’s because Israel was making incredible Advance towards peace with Saudi Arabia there’s a bigger picture here and everybody else all these innocent people

On both sides have being used as porns so how does is the ground offensive inter Gaza in your view the only realistic option to have any Prospect to bring you some of those hostages back well I don’t see how our anir campaign can bring hostages which is now probably

A hundred uh more than hundred some people say hundreds of hostages back um it’s very very sad the situation is sad I’m I’m close to this lady who’s can’t find her son already for 36 hours he was at ironically a Peace festival nearby at the Rave and at the moment we’re in a

Situation where um there are so many mothers and fathers who can’t find their children it is absolutely tragic what’s going on in Israel right now inhumane what’s going on FL Hassan Nahum thank you very much for joining us thank you well here with me now is the Palestinian

Ambassador to the UK ham zlot who’s a senior member of fata the party which controls the Palestinian Authority and is a political rival of Hamas Ambassador you heard there about the the people missing the hostages taken the mothers the elderly women children taken hostage will you condemn this atrocity by

Hamas Kathy I have had this question as a first question in every interview I did and I refused to answer that question because it is the reason why we as an International Community have failed to depict the situation as it is the business of always being obsessed

With blaming the victim the occupied the colonized the besieged when in fact I didn’t see you asking her to to to Dem I didn’t see you I did not hear your first question to condemn the killing of an entire family that your reporter I I I I

Tackled her on the people who are losing their lives in I’m asking you about the people who have lost their lives the Israelis lost their lives it’s tragic it’s tragic and you condemn that and this has to stop and this approach by the international Western media has to

Stop also there is no way we can draw symmetry the one side that is responsible for you on this is the occupying power you cannot draw symmetry between militant groups and what you call here in the west the only democracy in the Middle East this was an unprovoked attack there were people

There were people at a Peace festival that a music festival could be hundreds dead there young people they had no quarrel in this they had no skin in this game why did they have to die Kathy my task here is to represent my people this isn’t about Hamas this isn’t about the

Last 48 hours of what the Israelis have seen my people have been seeing the same over a period of 75 years this is about a Palestinian people more than 13 million of us that have been denied our very basic rights for almost a century but I’m asking you as a human being

Would you urge Hamas to release those hostages as a human being as a human being I urge that people’s legitimate rights are respected and that includes the hostages because after all taking hostages is illegal in I I wish safety to everybody but do you know Kathy that Israel has Taken 2

Million people in Gaza hostages for the last 16 years and you heard me asking the the May that very question you know and I haven’t heard any in the in the western Media or the international politicians really the outcry uh uh uh about that so it’s practically ironically it’s hostages taking hostages

Well I did I did tackle the the lady in Jerusalem over that very point but look H the attack by Hamas has now prompted this Mighty Vengeance as Israel is calling it the people of Gaza are the ones who are going to suffer your people

Are going to suffer so how do you bring this Bloodshed to an end how do you play your part in that by giving my family in Gaza because they are in Gaza hope Horizon where is the Hope Prospect yeah that’s the question the Israelis need to ask themselves I’m asking you that

Question no it’s not for me our people have been struggling for 100 years our people look you know what is is so tragic as well is this supremacist thinking in Israel that they could go and wreck havoc everywhere they could attack Palestinians killed them round them without charge or trial they could

Steal our land they could desecrate our holy places they could besiege people for years and then they ask why this is happening but there’s the same of racism but there’s the Same attitud by Hamas right 700 Israelis have lost their Liv is otomy of of racism if

We really want to nail it down this is a moment that serves as an alarm a wakeup call for all of us there is no way around the Palestinian people and our issue there is no way but to end this occupation there is no other route but to enforce international law and

International legitimacy okay but how does your party fat bring some pressure on ham Hamas do you talk to Hamas for example my party has been the party that has led the Palestine national movement my party started the armed resistance long before Hamas and then we gave up

That and we committed to three things recognizing Israel committing to negotiations and nonviolence and committing to international law and resolutions are you talking to Hamas now are you urging restraint that was 30 years ago we did that okay we still we still Israel was expected to do one thing end its

Occupation stop its colonization you know what happened so you canot Ambassador Ambassador I’m so sorry we’re out of time Ambassador zlot thank you very much for joining us and on tomorrow’s program we’ll be speaking to Israel’s ambassador to the UK a 20-year-old British man is one of those

Who died in yesterday’s attack natanel young was serving in the Israeli Army when he was killed on the Gaza border and another British man 26-year-old Jake Marlo has been reported missing he was working at the Rave that was attacked prime minister Rishi sunak has condemned the attacks by Hamas against Israel I

Want to express my absolute solidarity for the people of is Israel now is not a time for equivocation and I’m unequivocal Hamas and the people who support Hamas are fully responsible for this appalling Act of Terror for the murder of civilians and for the kidnapping of innocent people including

Children I’ve just spoken with prime minister Netanyahu to assure him of the UK’s steadfast support as Israel defends itself against these appalling attacks


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