Video Transcript of Israel-Palestine Conflict: Tower hit behind Al Jazeera team


Ly populated areas in the world we can see it frankly just by looking at the backdrop behind you also the Hamas forces are believed to have brought multiple Israeli captives back into Gaza do you know anything about that what can you report at this stage all right yumna please take cover

If you are in a position to do so safely you can explain to us what we’re happening if you are not in a position to do so safely then please get to safety no it’s okay um this is a mile attack on on Palestine Tower right in the middle of Gaza

City Y take a moment to breathe take a moment you and your team take a moment to breathe okay just take a moment as we are looking at this um picture we are ours into this war between Gaza and Israel and we have just witnessed live

What an Israeli air raid looks like on a populated area of Gaza City uh what we believe is a residential building what you’re looking at right now is a life shot of Gaza City and after Hamas launched an attack uh in and around the Israeli Terr around the Gaza Strip while Israel

Retaliated by bombarding multiple Targets in Gaza um for those of you who’ve been watching us the last few minutes uh we’re all a little bit shaken by what we’ve just seen which was an air raid on a building just behind our correspondent yumna aside as she was reporting now

We’re getting our team to safety and we are going to turn now to nid Ibrahim who’s in rala in the occupied West Bank frankly we’re all still a little bit shaken


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