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Video Transcript of Israel-Palestine Conflict: Iran’s supreme leader expresses support for Palestinian attacks | WION


Now while there have been condemnations from several Nations over Hamas attacks there have been few countries where some have supported the actions of the militants in Lebanon hundreds of Hezbollah supporters took to the streets and gathered in a Southern suburb to celebrate the operation by Hamas against Israel Hezbollah supporters raised the

Palestinian Flags together with holah flag and chanted supportive slogans While others distributed celebratory sweets to passers by Que while some consider the surprise attack of victory for the resistance against Israel others expressed the joy and happiness and announced the 7th of October as a Day of Victory the demonstration was one of the many that occurred in Lebanon in Gaza City thousands of gazans packed a

Central Square on Friday evening to commemorate the 36th anniversary of the founding of the militant group Islamic Jihad the crowd waved Palestinian flags and Hell signs with the faces of Palestinians killed by Israeli Fire For moving on to Afghanistan the death toll from an earthquake in Western Afghanistan has risen to more than 2,000 with thousands more injured the Quake has triggered landslides and led to collisions of buildings authorities have wared that the death toll could rise Rescuers also scraped through the debris

And Earth to find the Young young child in H Western Afghanistan however it’s not known If the child survived the epicenter of the magnitude 6.3 Quake was 40 km Northwest of the Region’s largest city heral and was followed by eight after shocks with magnitudes between 4.3 and 6.3 hundreds

Of homes which had been raised to the ground near the epicenter of the earthquakes crowds of residents fled buildings in the in the city of as the series of Tremors began although casualty reports from the metropolitan area were minimal Afghanistan is frequently hit by earthquakes especially in the hindukush mountain range which

Lies near the junction of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates Fore For harat 120 kilm East of the border with Iran is considered the cultural capital of of Afghanistan it is the capital of harat province which is home to an estimated population of 1.9 million The ongoing Israel Hamas War has brought back memories of the 1973 yam kipur War which had triggered an oil crisis that year the similarities between October 2023 and October 1973 are obvious on the brink of the 50th anniversary of the world’s first oil crisis an unexpected

Assault on Israel and an increase in oil prices but a Bloomberg report states that the similarity stops right there another Arab fuel embargo that would double the price of a barrel of oil is not ready to hit the world economy however it would be a mistake to minimize the likelihood that oil prices

Would continue to rise globally the situation is unstable and everything for the oil Market hinges on how Israel reacts to Hamas who carried out the assault and Iran which often controls the Palestinian organization however we can make a few inferences it is hardly the same problem as in October

1973 Israel is not being attacked by all Arab Nations at once the Arab world as a whole including Egypt Jordan Syria Saudi Arabia and the rest is observing the events from a distance rather than influencing them the all Market as a whole lacks all the features before October

1973 and importantly OPEC members are not attempting to raise prices significantly this time instead of driving oil prices more than 100% higher to $200 per barrel Riyad would be happy if they increased another 10 to 20% to slightly Beyond $100 from the present $85 per barrel now just before the oil embargo

In October 1973 OPEC countries unilaterally increased official fuel prices by around 70% and the aftermath of the latest surprise attack on Israel may still affect oil prices between 2023 and 2024 and if Israel comes to the conclusion that Hamas followed Tan’s orders it might have the most direct

Effect in such a situation oil prices may rise significantly Iran proved in 201 19 that it has the ability to significantly reduce Saudi Arabia’s oil production capacity by using proxies in Yemen now if it comes under Israeli or American Assault It May respond by doing the same what might help this time

Rather is the US emergency oil reserves the Strategic petroleum Reserve or spr may be used by Washington to reduce the effect on fuel prices and President Joe Biden’s popularity rating which is a significant departure from 1973 the White House will undoubtedly deploy the spr if oil prices rise due to

Unrest in the Middle East the reverse still has enough oil in it to go through another crisis sorry the reserve still has enough oil in it to go through another crisis even if it is at its lowest point in 40 years



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