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On the morning of October 7th 2023 Hamas militants launched a massive surprise attack from the Gaza Strip striking deep into Israeli territory Israel then retaliated with a series of air strikes inside Gaza Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that Israel is officially at war with Hamas he then

Gave orders to his Security Forces to retake any Israeli Villages that have Hamas militants in them Hamas military commander Muhammad de said quote this is the day of the greatest battle to end the last occupation on earth end quote so according to Hamas this is only the

Beginning of a very long battle that they’ve been planning for the Israeli Palestinian conflict is an incredibly sensitive and complex battle to cover so I want to be upfront with you and let you know that I’m going to do my best to be as unbiased as possible and to focus

On the ground war itself what I’m not going to do is try to litigate the entire history of grievances between Israel and Palestine which is an important aspect to the conflict but it’s beyond the scope of this video and you can easily find that information elsewhere we hear about

Skirmishes between Israel and Palestine frequently over the past few years but what’s different about this attack is its level of sophistication and coordination because prior to this attack Hamas had used very different tactics focusing on mortars kamakazi bombings rocket attacks and Small Arms ambushes against Israeli Defense Forces

This is a major departure from the old strategy of harassing attacks Hamas militants attacked via flying in by paraglider infiltrating from the Mediterranean Sea on boats and tearing down barriers to move over land so what we’re going to do is analyze the situation on the ground using open-

Source intelligence tools at the end we’ll talk about the potential reasons for why this might be happening right now according to both sides take a look at this live conflict map here it shows us geotagged evidence of what’s happening on the ground in real time linked to GPS coordinates this Israeli

Checkpoint appears to have been overrun about 10 km away from the 1950 Armistice agreement line at the Gaza Strip the extent of the militants advance appears to be about 20 km away from the border so these roads here that we can see leading out of Gaza are protected by

Checkpoints video evidence shows right outside Gaza this Outpost was breached by Palestinian military here we see militants captured a aare heavy armored personnel carrier and it’s fitted with an expensive high-tech trophy active protection system that shoots down incoming RPGs it also looks to be a marava markv main battle tank

Left Behind each of those systems cost about $6 million now Israel has an estimated 220 nare ifes and 400 marava tanks according to open source intelligence so the loss of a dozen armored vehicles won’t be a strategic level loss but from hamas’s point of view it’s a major PR victory that they

Can parade these armored vehicles around Gaza now satellite mode on the live conflict map shows us a geography of the terrain located just outside the Gaza Strip inside Israel where the fighting is largely taking place this area is flat Open Fields and farmland that stretches until some major cities and

Built up areas further to the South is the desert arid region Israel had relied on fences and Barb Wire as protection and defenses here they possi didn’t expect an organized attack pre-planned to destroy these obstacles the southern region of Israel is one of six different regions in the country its population in

The southern region is about 79% Jewish and 12.7% Arab and Muslim the population of the southern district is just over a million people and its area is Raba Valley looking at these Israeli outposts that are being overrun and attacked they remind me of the outposts

I lived on when I was in Iraq we’re talking about small combat outposts with likely two squads of 20 soldiers or a platoon of 40 soldiers rotating Through The Outpost the way it works is 40 soldiers are on duty Manning guard towers doing patrols while the other 40

Are off duty from the rotation possibly back at a larger base obviously not many troops here protecting these areas the base is probably about the size of a football field or two and its main defense is that it’s surrounded by slabs of concrete walls that are 12 ft high

And several inches thick so they’re rated to stop small arms and RPGs this type of outpost has a major weakness though its entrance gate where the concrete stops and opens up an outpost like this would have between four and eight armored vehicles likely stationed here gun battles are raging here where

The IDF is pouring in to try to reclaim claim these outposts checkpoints will be located strategically along the roads leading out of Gaza here each are equipped well enough to slow down a major offensive but they’re not really designed to stop an overwhelming force and clearly they were caught by surprise

Outposts and checkpoints along the roads slowed down Hamas and gave Israel time to coordinate a larger retaliation attack but Hamas still reached several major towns with populations of around 30,000 people you can see here in the live conflict map that all of the orange tags inside of Gaza Strip that you’re

Looking at here are Israeli retaliatory strikes including artillery and air sorties some of the icons show helicopters which tells us that Israel’s ah64 Apache attack helicopter is going to work on targets inside Gaza with the AGM 114 Hellfire missiles or Hydro Rockets Israel has a total of 81 Attack Helicopters of different varieties

Dozens of Israeli Air Force fighter jets struck Hamas targets inside the Gaza Strip on October 7th according to the Israeli Air Force 17 Hamas military compounds and four command headquarters of Hamas throughout the Gaza Strip were struck on October 7th Israel operates the American made F-15 F-16 F35 and the

French Mirage 2000 bomber with an inventory of about 580 combat aircraft in total Hamas reportedly struck four Israeli helicopters with surfac to- a missiles so far likely with the Russian made handheld 9k38 igla part of the reason this attack is concerning for Israel is because preliminary reports indicate that Hamas struck deep enough

To force Israel to evacuate one of their air bases near the Gaza Strip according to this video evidence that we see here jets are being moved to safety reports on the ground claim Hamas gunmen are opening fire on any Israeli cars that pass by in the town of stot the fighting

Is happening in STO at the police station here this city has a population of about 30,000 people and it’s located less than 1 mile from the Gaza Strip Israel spent over 150 million on bomb shelters here due to the fact that over 8,000 Rockets have been fired at them

Since 2001 footage on social media show firefights raging inside the city and Hamas gunman appear to be patrolling the countryside here at this point in time I’ve gone through and watched all of the videos that have been posted online and there’s a lot I’m not going to show you

Here and it’s the kind of things you probably wouldn’t want to see anyway it’s absolutely awful what’s unfolding right now to the people who live here the live conflict map shows us how Hamas used a homemade 114 mm short range Raja missile system in their offensive

Against Israel which is a kind of Rocket artillery meant to saturate an area this is a tool that helped toas fire 5,000 Rockets so quickly into Israel there’s usually only a 15 second warning from Israel’s air defense system and alarm system when the Rockets are first fired even though these aren’t large Munitions

The sheer volume of fire is designed to overwhelm Israel’s air defense system attempting to shoot down these Rockets the rocket attacks have reached into Israel’s capital city of Tel Aviv this live update shows internet activity has gone down inside the capital from the attacks Israel has 170,000 active duty

Personnel but they also have 465,000 Reserve forces to pull from because service is mandatory in Israel and according to this military they’re prepared to mobilize hundreds of thousands of reservists now in response to these attacks Israel has conscription and it’s considered kind of a right of passage for them you might wonder why

There isn’t a long trench along the entire region here the reason the defenses are set up as spread out checkpoints along the roads instead of one long trench or one single front line is partly because it would be extremely expensive in taxing on the Israeli Army to man that fortification with thousands

Of soldiers year round if it was a clear front line that extended and stretched for 70 km long around the entire Gaza Strip so instead troops are spread out to defend major population centers and some of these places appear to have been overrun whether that’s briefly or not

Yet we don’t know defense reported at least five Israeli marava tanks have been captured and 15 of Israel’s tracked Vehicles like the m113s are in Palestinian Fighters hands the larger t probably aren’t going to be as useful to Hamas because they likely wouldn’t be able to maintain them or

Rearm them effectively for a long period of time but the smaller armored vehicles would be an important asset for them militants fired an estimated 5,000 Rockets into Israel so far during their offensive operation Israel is facing between 25,000 and 40,000 militant fighters in this offensive now you might

Say that’s nothing compared to Israel’s 170,000 active duty soldiers but that’s not exactly an accurate Way To Think think about it because Israel’s soldiers need to be spread out over the entire country for one and they need to be relocated to the South now second a higher ratio of Israel’s forces are

Support and Logistics not combat arms infantry or Frontline troops third many of those soldiers would not be on duty right now the main IDF military base in this region is called riim where the Gaza division was located which was either captured by Hamas at one point or contested until about 8:00 p.m. local

Time when the IDF reported that they had recaptured it so far estimates plac 200 Israeli Kia and over 1600 wounded and five soldiers as well as dozens of civilians are said to be captured by Hamas retaliation strikes from Israel reportedly killed 200 Palestinians and over 1,000 wounded as well although this

Is a developing situation all of this information is subject to change one of the ways we can confirm the extent of the offensive is satellite imagery of Fire caused by the fightings as seen here the furthest extent of the fighting seems to be the town of afim in Israel

With a population of 34,000 people it’s reportedly under attack and hostages have been taken here it’s about 22 km from the Gaza Strip according to the IDF they’re fighting at 22 different locations across Southern Israel right now we see here that Israel’s second biggest power station Rutenberg just

Outside Gaza was struck another geotag Clash showen his Israeli marava tank taking a direct hit from a drone dropping a bomb straight on top of its weaker top armor this is a tactic that has recently become common place on the battlefield in Ukraine Israeli tanks are designed with more armor on the top

Turret than some other countries because they’re specifically meant to operate in urban conditions so it’s unclear from the footage how much damage was done to the tank if it was total or still salvageable what we do know is that the engine is located in the front of the

Merab unlike the Abrams so the fire in this video could be the engine Up in Flames this strategy of using drones was also used against a remote weapon system that shows how easily these drones can take out expensive remote controlled turrets the section of territory highlighted in red on the map shows us

The extent to which Hamas units have pushed into Israel these sections are currently being contested and we can see its limit that they’ve reached about 22 km at its furthest point although I’ve been watching throughout the day and I can tell you that the red sections have

Gotten smaller throughout the day so we don’t know where this is going yet it appears like Israel is already pushing the militants back it’s important to keep in mind that Palestinians in Gaza are ruled by the group known as Hamas that’s doing these attacks right now and

The Palestinians in the West Bank are under the Rival party fata fata is in charge of the Palestinian Liberation Organization or PLO and they rule the West Bank they have renounced violence I’m oversimplifying some of this but the PLO receives aid from the United States and the European Union the US sends

About 500 million dollar over the course of three years and the EU has sent about 600 million per year to Palestine the US perspective here is that they have attempted to send Aid money to Palestine while attempting to prevent that aid from being used to fund military Endeavors Palestine has a population of

4.9 million people and Israel has a population of 9.3 million but who is Hamas in the first place there are milant movement and one of the Palestinian territory’s two major political parties Hamas is known for governing 2 million Palestinians it was in 1988 that Hamas first published what

Is their Charter the charter basically called for the destruction of Israel and they originally wanted to establish an Islamic Society inside what is known as historic Palestine since then in 2017 Hamas has walked that back a little bit and created a new document that seemed to accept an interim Palestinian State

Along the quote unquote green line border that was established before the 6 day war for regular old dummies like me it can be confusing to figure out where Palestine is because it includes the West Bank which is Territory between modern-day Israel and Jordan as well as the Gaza Strip which borders what’s

Modern day Israel and Egypt these territorial lines have frequently changed over the past few decades also making it more complicated sometimes like in this case a state territory or Nation can be split into different parts that aren’t connected to each other when this happens we say this territory is

Fragmented or discontinuous even talking about these kinds of seemingly non-controversial aspects can get you into hot water though because 138 out of 193 countries recognize Palestine as an actual country the United States does not meanwhile 165 out of 193 countries recognize Israel as a country when a

Territory split it can lead to political disputes and conflicts may arise from these geographical divisions from Israel’s perspective they’re fearful that they could face attacks from both the east in Gaza and west from the West Bank there’s a route or Corridor that connects the West Bank to Gaza Strip

Which Israel monitors to make sure weapons aren’t being shipped between them to get an idea of what type of Hamas units are participating in this attack we see here it’s the alasam brigades from the sakure Squadron they’re one of the units participating in what Hamas is calling operation al-

AXA flood although I’ve also seen to call the AL ax a storm elsewhere Israel is calling their response their counter offensive operation iron sword what happens is many of these smaller outposts are getting hit and now Israel will respond from larger bases that have been positioned further away from the

Front the Israeli military did confirm that several towns are in hamas’s control as of October 7th the United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd j Austin made a statement about the attack saying quote our commitment to Israel’s right to defend itself remains unwavered in and I extend my condolences to the

Families of those who lost their lives in this abor attack on civilians over the coming days the Department of Defense will work to ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism a large portion of Israel’s military technology and

Equipment comes from the United States there are US troops stationed in Israel right now and according to Brigadier General Pat Ryder the pentagon’s top spokesman these soldiers are safe and accounted for with no troop movements planned right now according to this US Government document the US in 2022 U

Their military aid to Israel from $2.6 billion per year in 1999 to today standing at about $3.8 billion in assistance part of this Aid was designed to make Israel’s defense more self-sufficient stating quote US military aid also has helped Israel build its domestic defense industry

Which now ranks as one of the top Global arms exports orders Israel spends 4.3% of their $488 billion GDP on defense or about 23 billion doar in 2022 Hamas on the other hand likely spends $1 billion annually and receives their funding from a various assortment of Nations

Including Iran in fact the US state department claims Iran provides $100 million to Hamas each year although us sanctions against Iran after pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal might have limited this number more recently dozens of countries including the United States and the European Union have designated Hamas as an official terrorist

Organization the US added them to that list in 1997 on the other hand many other nations only apply that label of Terror organization specifically to its military Wing some people in the United States are angry at President Biden for working out a prisoner exchange deal with Iran where the United States

Recently about a week ago unfroze $6 billion of funds for Iran which critics claimed could be used to fund Hamas and what was Iran’s response to the attacks in Israel on October 7th Iran’s leader Ayatollah kamini top military advisor said Tran supported the attacks by Hamas against Israel on Saturday and would

Continue to back the islamist fighters quote until the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem and this starts to get us into the Crux of the issue here and why this attack might have possibly occurred the attack took place on a Jewish holiday 50 years and one day after the Egyptian and Syrian forces attacked

Israel during the Jewish holiday of yam kapore there is suspicion that Iran might have played a very direct role in helping to support and plan these attacks by Hamas against Israel why now the suggested reason is that Iran is trying to prevent their main rival Saudi Arabia from normalizing ties with Israel

On the other hand Palestinian news outlets claim the attack is because 2023 has been the deadliest year for Palestine in over two decades with 200 Palestinians being killed this year so from palestine’s point of view they’re claiming that they they say that this is because of atrocities committed by

Israel it could be a combination of several different factors the United States would like to see Sai Arabia and Israel signed some kind of agreement to normalize relations according to the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salon they’re getting closer and closer to reaching a deal between Saudi Arabia and

Israel that Alliance would have been very bad news for Iran since 2020 there’s been a group of different Arab countries including and led by the United Arab Emirates have opened up diplomatic relations with Israel this is a concept known as Rosman that’s important to understand here Rosman basically means an establishment or

Resumption of harmonious relations between two countries and it appeared like the Middle East was possibly heading towards resolving some long held disputes the Saudi foreign Ministry put out an official statement and called for an immediate halt to to the fighting protection for civilians and they also noted its previous warnings to Israel

About the effects of its ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory that’s what the Saudi Arabia said here’s footage of Iran’s Parliament yelling death to Israel which might be why people believe Iran planned this attack so these attacks by Hamas could be an attempt to prevent this alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia from

Going through what might happen from here on out is that Israel May launch wider attacks against Hamas and Gaza I mean if we look back at the 2008 conflict in Gaza the war zone run by Tyler rway pointed out that at that time Israel launched a 15-day long ground

Assault into Gaza on January 3rd 2009 and that attack resulted in 1,440 Palestinians being Kia and only 13 is isi deaths and according to a 2009 us Congressional research service report quote Israel’s technological superiority and Reliance on heavy armor and Firepower contributed to a wide disparity in casualties so it’s possible

That we could see that happen again it’s also possible that Hezbollah could open up a second front in the north on Israel’s northern border or more attacks could come from the West Bank if you want to stay in the loop and up todate on this issue follow me at Cappy Army on

Instagram I’ll be publishing updates on there this conflict is a tragedy that has been going on in a different forms for many decades and my final message to you is that I hope this war ends quickly with as little human suffering as possible



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