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We Begin tonight with the Middle East in Flames Israel has formally declared war after that unprecedented multi-prong terror attack from Hamas shocking the nation catching its intelligence service by surprise the death toll is mounting in at least 100 taken hostage several Americans are now confirmed to be among

The dead and a warning the details and images are disturbing starting at dawn yesterday Hamas lobbed thousands of rockets from Gaza toward Israel armed militants breaching border crossings gunning down soldiers and civilians neighborhoods INF Flames homes and cars destroyed more than 700 killed in Israel more than 260 mostly young people killed

At a music festival a couple at that Festival among the hostages the woman taken away on a motorcycle her boyfriend marched Away by two men Israel retaliating with air strikes on Gaza more than 400 dead in the territory prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns there is a long and difficult War ahead

The Pentagon now sending an aircraft craft carrier strike group to the region part of President Biden’s promise of rock solid and unwavering support we have Team coverage tonight from the war zone to Washington ABC’s Chief foreign correspondent Ian panel leads us off from Israel tonight fire and fury in Gaza

City lighting up the night sky Relentless explosions and panic in the streets as Israel Fights Back prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who declaring we’re embarking on a long and difficult war that was forced upon us it erupted just after Dawn Saturday Air Raid Sirens sounding across Israel heralding a massive barrage of Hamas

Rockets more than 2,200 a complex and highly coordinated attack was underway taking Israel completely by surprise coming by air by sea and by land Mass video showing armed militants rushing towards the Border breaching Israeli defenses militants shooting indiscriminately leaving bodies in the street some people even shot in their

Cars and in a rural area near the border thousands of young Israelis celebrating at a music festival look closely those lights streaking across the sky Hamas Rockets the party descending into sheer panic hundreds under assault from fighters on the ground and tonight the Israeli rescue service reporting that

More than 260 bodies were recovered at the scene elsewhere militants kidnapping civilians and taking them back across the border into Gaza harrowing scenes hostages hurrying down a road this woman forced into a car an elderly woman in a golf cart one father spotting his children huddling in this video as they too are

Driven away and tonight the fighting along the border still raging Israel trying to root out the remaining militants I don’t know if you just heard that that’s the sound of a mortar coming in from Gaza this is being fired by Hamas militants while Israelis are trying to deal with Hamas not just

Acrossing Gaza but also here still inside Israel where they’re trying to clear Villages where the militants are holding on Secretary of State Anthony blink saying more than a, Hamas Fighters were involved in this complex operation that’s already left more than 700 israelies dead it was an unprecedented

Attack the United States now trying to clarify reports that Americans are among those killed and taken hostage hospitals here overwhelmed we have just now had a direct hit from a missile H in the hospital we are just now trying to EV evaluate the damages thousands are injured and thousands more

Today lining up for hours to donate blood Israel in a State of Shock and disbelief in ashalon avit Avan in tears as she looks out at the rubble in her home it’s not normal to raise children this way she says the Israeli military now calling up its reserves and soldiers

Evacuating families from towns that border Gaza Israeli missiles now raining down on Gaza Al jazer English reporter yusma alad live on the air when one missile attacked in Gaza Israeli Rockets toppling buildings like dominoes this mosque in Ruins a mass of mangled metal they made elderly people children

And women scared this man says copies of the Quran were shattered the the mosque was completely destroyed why and tonight in Gaza the death tole mounting too more than 430 dead and their hospitals at Breaking Point hospitals there clearly overwhelmed Ian panel joins us now from

Tel Aviv and Ian you were down just near the border with Gaza what’s the situation there now I mean you really do get this sense that not only is there an active conflict a war developing but it’s evolving you hear the sound of fighter jets overhead Attack Helicopters drones

Are in the air and as you saw in that report we heard the sound of Hamas militants firing mortars we saw Rockets we saw the Iron Dome this air defense system in operation and of course there are still Hamas militants inside Israel Lindsay Ian panel for us live in Tel Aviv Ian thank

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