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Hello namaskar this is first post and you’re watching vantage with me py Sharma Israel is at War the situation is grave this morning Hamas launched thousands of missiles at Israel now both sides are trading fire Israeli soldiers are fighting terrorists on the streets of Southern Israel the bodies are piling up on both sides Israel is reporting at least 70 deaths air strikes in Gaza have

Killed nearly 200 people prime minister Netanyahu has declared a state of war the conflict will escalate in the days ahead said the entire West Asian region will witness a Fallout there’s a lot on the line for all parties involved how will this war shape netanyahu’s political future what

Happens to his bid for normalization with Saudi Arabia and what about the Indians who are stuck in Israel why is Hamas attacking Israel now what will happen to the Palestinians and where do major powers like the US Europe and Russia stand in this fight what has India said about the Hamas attacks

Today tonight on this special edition of Vantage we’ll bring you a 360° perspective of this war in West Asia go [Applause] [Applause] we are at War and we will win it Israel is at War it has come under terrorist attacks at least 70 Israelis have been killed more than 700 have been injured the scale of it is being called unprecedented the images are terrifying Israel is fighting back it

Says the enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known This Is War and it is massive the hostility is decades old but the latest provocation came this morning Hamas invaded Israel it was a surprise attack no one saw it coming thousands of missiles rained on Israel h entered

Israeli territory killed people and took hostages through the day we’ve been receiving pictures they’re chilling and deeply unsettling but this is a story that must be told so we advise viewer discretion we start with how it began this morning take a look at this At 7:00 a.m. local time thousands of rockets were fired on Israel we don’t have the exact figure but there are multiple reports Hamas says it launched over 5,000 Rockets Israel says 2,500 and other report says more than 7,000 Rockets were fired whatever the number the scale is

Is immense Israel is facing its biggest attack in decades the Rockets fell far and wide some all the way to Northern Israel towards Tel Aviv these attacks activated the sirens Israeli citizens were alerted they were under attack soon the attackers released a video message it featured a Hamas spokesperson you cannot

See the face it has the silhouette of a man and he announced an operation against Israel we have decided to put an end to Israel’s defenses with God’s help so the enemy understands that the time of wreaking without being held accountable is over we announced the start of ala flood

Operation the AL AKA flood operation that’s the name of this Kamas operation of the series of attacks that they’ve launched and it was a well coordinated operation soon after the message Hamas kicked off their ground assault their terrorists invaded Israel from all directions on land sea and air yes there

Were paragliders in the air and boats charging towards Israeli Beaches it was truly unprecedented there was no Skirmish On the Border a limited or a limited ground offensive it was none of these things it was an allout attack Hamas was on the streets of Israel they were seen driving around in Jeeps charging at their targets the focus of the ground assault

Was Southern Israel they destroyed border fences using bulldozers and Hamas had guns here the Israeli forces were clearly caught off guard this is the Israel Gaza border and here the Hamas captured a tank they were seen [Applause] celebrating As the day progressed they captured more military assets like Vehicles they even infiltrated into military bases as of this evening fighting was underway in at least six locations Reports say the Hamas tried to break into homes Israel’s police chief said there were 21 active scenes and this shows the extent of the

Attack 21 active scenes as the reports fored in prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting and then he made an announcement he said Israel is at War it’s not an operation not an escalation This Is War he said citizens of Israel we are at War

Not an operation not an escalation a war I ordered an extensive Reserve mobilization and a retaliatory war with a strength and scope that the enemy had never known the enemy will pay a price he has never known so Netanyahu has vowed Revenge Israel is striking back but the response

Will be complicated that’s because they still don’t have full control of Israeli territory fighting is underway on the streets Israeli troops are clashing with the Hamas Villages and towns on the border have been captured by terrorists people have been taken hostage Hamas says it has taken Israel’s hostage how

Many more than 50 as per some unconfirmed reports and there are disturbing videos online they show Israeli citizens being grounded up both civilians and soldiers some have been taken to Gaza this is territory controlled by Hamas other hostages are being held inside their homes and again let me warn you the pictures are

Disturbing that was an Israeli soldier he was captured on the Gaza border many more videos like these are circulating and they’re fueling anger and calls for retaliation Israel is not known to take such provocations lying down it has launched a counter offensive already they’re calling it operation iron

Swords and this is not just a military response expect Israel to strike deep inside Gaza and also Target the top leaders of Hamas there is talk of deploying troops to Gaza but no official confirmation yet today Israel conducted air strike Israeli war planes flew to Gaza they conducted strikes at multiple

Locations and Israel plans to ramp up these operations they held a cabinet meeting earlier in the day chaired by prime minister Benin Netanyahu and he has set out three goals for his military clear out the terrorists impose a vast cost that’s the term he used impose a

Vast cost on the enemy and fortify other areas Israel’s defense minister says they will win at any cost Hamas made a grave mistake this morning I call civilians to abide instructions and follow them to the letter the state of Israel will win this war on the other side Palestinian

Families are fleeing Gaza they expect more violence the death stole is mounting both sides have reported casualties hundreds of people are hurt but this is just the beginning of the conflict expect the Casual count to rise so that’s the latest on the conflict now let’s talk about the key players what’s

At stake for them and we starting with the prime minister of Israel Benin Netanyahu he’s been tested and he will be tested in the coming days his Focus right now is on flushing out the terrorists earlier today he spelled out what he wants nothing less than a win

Will suffice for Netanyahu at this point we are at war in war needs to be levelheaded I call on all citizens of Israel to unite in order to achieve our highest goal that is victory in the war Netanyahu is calling for Unity here and his call is getting traction his

Political opponents and his Rivals Back Him politicians from across party lines in Israel have issued statements of support we’ve often told you about the fractured nature of Israeli politics this country has seen five elections in four years years and in recent weeks Israel seemed to be edging towards calling a sixth

Election nanahu leads a precarious Coalition he’s been dealing with internal divisions his grip on power was being tested first by the backlash against judicial reform and now by members of his cabinet 4 days ago he met with his national security minister his name is itamar benir there were reports

Of a rift apparently benir was unhappy he was not invited for a key cabinet meeting and what was discussed at this meeting Iran Israel’s main rival and its biggest security concern now Ben’s Associates were taking aim at Prime Minister Netanyahu they said the minister was snubbed intentionally the

Winter session of the knesset was coming up the knesset is Israel’s parliament the session was scheduled to begin from the 14th of October so in about a week from now and there were concerns could Netanyahu Bank on benir for votes so it was a politically fraught situation in Israel but after today’s

Attacks all that speculation has evaporated the political battles must take a back seat because Israel is at War Netanyahu is on firmer footing but he cannot fight this battle alone the military is already on the streets reserves are being called up what about the Intelligence on this run the Prime

Minister has been leted down his pie agency is the legendary mosad they’re in hot water this time if Israel’s borders have been breached Barbed wires were taken apart Rockets were flying in the air there were terrorists on the streets they’re taking attacking military installations and taking hostages Israel’s defenses have been

Breached and it seems mad had no clue that this was coming critics are calling this a massive intelligence failure Tel Aviv has ordered an investigation but don’t expect answers anytime soon because officials say it could take years so Israeli intelligence has some catching up to do but netanyahu’s International allies

Are ready to step up through the day they’ve issued statements of support we begin with the United States of America it has condemned the attack and promised support to Tel Aviv a short while back Netanyahu spoke with Joe Biden the US president assured support to Israel he said Washington stands behind Tel Aviv

And supports it its right to defend itself what did Netanyahu tell us President Biden Israel’s milit campaign will be prolonged and intense and America seems ready to support that the US defense secretary has also spoken his name is Lloyd Austin Austin is promising military supplies to Israel he says

Israel will have whatever it needs to defend itself now besides the us we’ve seen statements from various other countries the United Kingdom Netherlands France Egypt turkey and the European Union they’ve all condemn the attack Russia too has called for restraint Moscow says it is speaking to the Palestinian iions

And so is Egypt now Egypt is an important Regional player in the past Egypt has mediated in this conflict Egypt has brokered ceasefires the latest one was last year in the month of August Israel had conducted air strikes in Gaza it had killed 49 people Egypt had then intervened to end

Hostilities and it might be looking to mediate this time too Egypt’s foreign Ministry issued a statement today it said Egypt is making quote unquote intensive contacts at all levels but this time brokering a truce might not be that easy Iran has come out in support of Hamas it has backed the

Attack on Israel Iran has backed this attack Iranian lawmakers met today at the parliament in thean and they chanted slogans like death to Israel so the battle lines have been drawn Netanyahu has strong support both at home and overseas but a combative Hamas and an antagonistic Iran will certainly test his

Patients as pictures from Israel circulated on social media and news reports detail the horror unfolding there reaction started coming in and all of them said the same thing it’s unprecedented and it must stop now India too has condemned this incident prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted about it he called it what it

Was a terror attack on the state of Israel in fact let me quote from the full post by the Indian Prime Minister and this is what he said deeply shocked by the news of terrorist attacks in Israel our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families we stand in

Solidarity with Israel at this difficult hour now his choice of words is telling in the past India has not called Hamas a terrorist organization the official term used to describe this group is militants so for the prime minister to call it a terrorist attack is a marked

Shift and a long overdue one we see it is in line with his policy of dehy nating Israel and Palestine and deepening relations with Israel Mr Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to have ever visited Israel ever no Indian Prime Minister before him visited the country he did it

In 2017 it cemented a very important relationship for New Delhi and today as Israel fights back it’s important to dwell on the story too this partnership between India and Israel is not traditional India first recognized Israel in 1950 but they established diplomatic ties only 19 1992 Israel supported India during Wars but

Indian leaders were veryy of openly recognizing this the fear was that friendship with Israel will alienate Palestine and this will upset the Muslim world and India’s Muslim population well those fears were unfounded in the last few years India and Israel have emerged as close Partners bilateral trade

Crossed 7 and A5 billion dollars last year 30 years back it was some $200 million today India is Israel’s seventh largest trading partner Israel is India’s third largest defense supplier this relationship is dominated by three Deeds defense diamonds and drip irrigation they strategic partners and members of groupings like the i2u2

That’s India Israel the United States and the UAE so i2u2 also known as the West Asian quad so there’s a lot of cooperation and trade but any bilateral relationship is nothing without the people and that’s also the Crux of India Israel ties in fact a Pew survey talks

About this it says says that Israelis rate India more favorably than any other country More than 70% Israelis view India favorably and the sentiment is mutual the kind of support Israel enjoys in India is a story in itself which brings us to Indians living in Israel there are about 18,000 Indian citizens

In Israel most of them are caregivers they’re employed by aging Israelis to to take care of them then there are diamond Traders it professionals and students so it’s a small but a significant diaspora the current War has raised questions about their safety the Indian foreign Ministry has issued an advisory

It has asked Indians in Israel to stay vigilant to avoid unnecessary movement to stay close to safety shelters and to exercise caution there is no talk of an evacuation yet no one knows what the next few days will look like or how Israel will retaliate so no evacuation

Yet but if it comes to that India has experienced in this region in 2006 there was a war between Israel and Lebanon India evacuated 2,300 people then not just Indians but also citizens from Nepal and Sri Lanka it hasn’t come down to that yet but if it does India will prioritize the

Safety of its citizens we did it in Kuwait we did it in Ukraine we did it in Sudan and if push comes to shove we’ll do it in Israel now let’s tell you about the group that started this Hamas who or what is the Hamas it’s a terrorist organization but

It calls itself a political party it is in fact one of the two largest political parties in Palestine now Palestine is divided into two parts the West Bank and the Gaza Strip the West Bank is controlled by a coalition called the PLO the Palestinian Liberation Organization led by a party called f

So the PLO rules the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas this group is ideologically and politically motivated it rules a population of more than 2 million Palestinians and it calls itself the face of the Palestinian movement Hamas gets its name from an Arab acronym harat

Al Muka Al islamia which translates to the Islamic resistance movement now this group was founded by man called shik Ahmed Yassin a Palestinian scholar and cleric in 1967 there was a six- day war Israel won and they took over Palestinian territory two decades later Yasin established Hamas and Palestinians

Rose against Israel’s occupation the year was 1987 the movement was called the first intifada or the first Uprising there was there was a series of violent protests attacks targeting Jews in Israel one year later Hamas published the their Charter it called for the destruction of Israel and for the establishment of an

Islamic society in historic Palestine and then Hamas continued the attacks they reportedly resorted to Suicide bombings rocket attacks and Small Arms attacks their targets were civilians the International Community designated Kamas as a terrorist group over the years it tried to morph itself into a political party but it kept a military Wing a

Political party with a military Wing that’s what they call themselves and this Wing was to carry out attacks against Israel Hamas created a top-down government Approach at the top was the polit bureau a 15 member body which operates in Exile then comes the shura council its members

Are unknown but this Council elects the Pol Bureau it also oversees some welfare programs in the West Bank at Gaza and then there is the Kamas government it implements policies and agendas set by the shura council but it’s more like a puppet government so does the Kamas have a representative

Face well it does and it’s this man ismile han he’s the designated chairman of Kamas and guess where he operates from qatar’s Capital Doha Kamas leaders have made Qatar their workplace because they had a falling out with their previous hosts that’s Syria which brings us to another

Question who supports and funds Hamas on the geopolitical level where do they get their money and weapons from is clearly an outright supporter apart from hosting the leaders of Hamas Qatar sends millions of dollars to the terror group in 20201 the Qatari government announced Aid worth $360 million for

Hamas that’s 360 million that Hamas has never given accountability for where did that money go next in line is turkey their president erdogan is a stalwart supporter of this Terror organization Hamas even has offices in his to tul in the month of July erdogan hosted the chief of Hamas is Hana in

Ankar erdogan openly supports the Palestinian cause and turkey has repeatedly sent funds to Hamas and even now after today’s attacks erdogan does not condemn them for what they’ve done listen to this as turkey in the light of the events that have occurred in Israel this

Morning we call on all sides to act with restraint to stay away from impulsive moves that will heighten the tension further so erdogan is calling on all sides to act with restraint no mention of how Hamas escalated hostilities and how they put thousands of Civilian lives in danger despite eran’s open Embrace of

Hamas he’s not their top supporter that title goes to Iran thean provides Hamas with funds weapons and military training it is common for Hamas leaders to meet Iranian leaders and clerics according to a report by the US state department Iran provides almost $100 million every year to Hamas what

About the weapons there’s no Clarity on how many they give or what kind but here’s what the Hamas Chief says Iran is their biggest donor of weapons the Kamas leadership often visits Iran to plot against their common enemy Israel and they insist that this is not a proxy war that they’re not

Fighting on behalf of Iran but they haven’t found many takers over the years American sanctions have forced Iran to cut funding to Hamas but their relationship remains intact so for Iran Hamas is an ally for Israel it’s a terror group but how do the people of Palestine see

Hamas a poll was held in the month of June by the Palestinian Center for policy research and they revealed some shocking numbers only 31% of the people in Palestine say that Hamas should represent them a whopping 73% Palestinians believe that they should not Hamas should not represent them 73% they say there’s widespread

Corruption in Gaza in institutions run by Hamas the poll also asked Palestinians another question who would they vote for if elections were to be held today 56% pick the current Hamas Chief ISM Han and that’s a clear majority 56 % so what does that mean it means that the

People of Raza do not trust the governing ability of Hamas but Hanya continues to be a popular figure ever since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 Hamas has taken up the role of the de facto Authority here over the years they’ve purged political opposition the Gaza Strip has remained

Under their strict control Hamas has maintained its popularity with social service and the call to raise militias against Israel but this time they may have gone too far they’ve launched an allout military operation against Israel will this spell the end of Hamas we’ll be tracking this story for

You the other big question is what impact will this war have on the Saudi Israel peace deal was this Hamas offensive aimed at derailing what was touted as the deal of the century it was said to be precipitously close to being finalized in recent months a drum

Beat has been built around this around normalization of ties between these two countries Saudi Arabia and Israel the deal is being brokered by the United States of America it would be a tectonic shift in the geopolitics of West Asia there’s no question the Abraham Accords heralded the D dawn of a new age

Of Peace but I believe that we are at the cusp of an even more dramatic breakthrough an historic peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia but here’s the thing it also carries major implications for other actors beyond the three stakeholders and the one with the biggest take here is

Palestine first let’s tell you what’s in it for the principal players the Saudis see this deal as a way to further their interest through the us because at the heart of this potential deal is what Riyad wants from Washington Saudi Arabia wants a military pact with the US it would require Washington to

Defend the kingdom in return for opening ties with Israel defend against whom you ask mainly Iran Saudi Arabia and Iran have been at odds for decades well this year diplomatic relations between the two resumed after a seven-year break but the power tussle between Riyad and thran remains Iran’s large missile Arsenal is

Another big worry for the Saudis in 2022 the deal was first discussed between Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and US President Joe Biden initially Riyad wanted Ironclad NATO style defense guarantees that’s not happening and so the Saudis have since conceded that the final pack may fall short of that Riyad

Also wants American support for a civilian nuclear program so they have a full list what about the US what does the US stand again what’s in it for them by bringing two longtime fors together it would be a big win for Joe Biden also perfect timing because the US election is around

The corner and Biden needs a foreign policy win this could be it what about Israel why would Israel want this Sai Arabia is the richest and the most powerful Arab State the DEA facto leader of the Muslim world if Saudi Arabia recognizes Israel it would counter The

View that the presence of a Jewish state in the mostly Muslim region is illegitimate it would help open doors in other Muslim nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia and just like Saudi Arabia Israel too wants a defense pact with the US they already have a very good relationship the Netanyahu government

Was willing to make limited concessions to the Palestinian Authority the Palestinian Authority governs the West Bank bank but they lost power in Gaza to Hamas like I said more than a decade ago the Hamas took over to control of Gaza and the strip has been under the control of this islamist group

Since coming back to the deal it seemed to be a win-win situation for Israel Saudi Arabia and the us but do you know who was the losing party Palestine Israel has been looking to limit the scope of concessions it gives on Palestine there’s pressure on Biden to push Israel further to advance the

Two-state solution but this has been a sticking point because Israel’s government is ideologically opposed to Palestinian statehood the current government here’s an example of the resistance the harit is an Israeli newspaper it reported that one of netan House’s AIDS referred to Mahmud Abbas as quote unquote the mayor of ramala Mahmud

Abbas is the president of the palestin and Authority the Israeli official reported he said the mayor of ramala will not determine the details of the deal and it appears that Saudi Arabia agreed Reports say Riyad would not hold up the deal even for the Palestinians even if Israel did not offer any major

Concessions on statehood for Palestine so the Palestinian cause was being put on the back burner it has been on the back burner for a while now it’s time the world accepted it and this could be why Kamas launched this offensive one Israel’s attention will be diverted

To this war and two it complicates the situation for Saudi Arabia Now by all accounts the Israeli counter offensive will be ruthless Riyad has called for quote unquote immediate deescalation between Palestinians and Israelis realistically there is no chance of that but then again Hamas hasn’t really ever needed a reason to attack Israel

Its rocket launches against Israel are almost a daily Affair but today they took they took all of it a step further by invading Israeli territory and there’s also another player in this puzzle of West Asian politics that is Iran a country which backs and funds the Hamas as we just

Told you in the aftermath of the attack on Israel while almost all countries condemned it guess who did not Iran an advisor to its supreme leader Ali has said that thean supported this attack he even went on to congratulate the the fighters he called them Fighters and this provocation also gives

Rise to speculation that Israel could attack Iran there’s a lot of reports doing the rounds there’s a lot of speculation as well how far is Israel prepared prepared to go will they just limit themselves to the Gaza Strip will they also take this attack to Iran for decades Israel has considered Iran as

Its number one enemy Israel has fought Iranian proxies on its borders the 34-day war with hisbah in Lebanon was fought in 2006 and since the 1990s Israel has been battling with Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in May this year Netanyahu said 95% of Israel security problems come from

Iran so Israel attacking Iran is a very real possibility and amidst all this warmongering where does the Saudi Israel peace deal stand certainly delayed if not derailed as the war clouds gather it seems west Asia’s chance at peace has been put on hold again meanwhile for the people of Israel

This day was a nightmare I spoke to some friends there they were in bunkers with their families some reported strikes near their homes they seemed unflappable amid reports of death it’s hard to process it if you don’t know Israel’s story these are people who’ve always been surrounded by hostile forces

They fought many wars they have bomb shelters in each house and they have attack alerts on their phones one moment you’re having ice cream the next moment you’re running for cover security is a central feature of life in Israel and they have no choice it’s one of the most militarized

Countries in the world they have something called an Iron Dome it’s a missile defense system that repels attacks our next report tells you all about Israel’s defense Shield It was just another Saturday morning in Israel What followed was absolute Carnage a barrage of rockets filled the skies anywhere between 5,000 to 7,000 it’s been called the deadliest attack on Israel in years Tel Aviv wasted little time for starters prime minister Benjamin naanyu had a very clear message for his country

We are at War and by now you know what that means Tel Aviv swung into action it mobilized its fighter jets conducted air strikes in Gaza and also reportedly intercepted some rockets that were coming its way at home sounds dramatic right but here’s the thing about war you

Wouldn’t want to be caught napping when the enemy strikes instead you would like to have the best possible weapon ready to strike back meet Israel’s Iron Dome an advanced all weather air defense system that has served as the Bedrock for Israel’s defense its job to intercept and Destroy

Short range Rockets fired by the enemy midair how many of these does Israel have 10 ion doome batteries with each battery consisting of three to four launchers 20 missiles and a radar and it’s costly too each battery costs around $50 million Reports say each interception costs upwards of

$100,000 the Iron Dome may seem like compact innocuous box-like systems but they do pack a punch the Iron Dome has been a part of Israel’s Arsenal for more than a decade it was put in service in 2011 but what prompted for the iron doome to come into existence lebanon-based terror group hez

Buah targeting Israel in 2006 nearly 44 Israelis died in rocket attacks and millions were forced to be inside bomb shelters since 2011 the goal of the iron doome is clear destroy Rockets fired from Gaza it’s designed to intercept and Destroy Rockets fired from a distance of

4 to 70 km the ion doome system is mobile too so they can be moved easily to wherever needed it has three components the first a radar it detects an incoming rocket then it relays information about the rocket to the battery’s control center then the control center calculates if the rocket

Will hit populated areas if not the enemy’s rocket is allowed to land as is if yes a missile is fired from the launcher and what happens next the sky looks something like this but how successful is this system Israeli military officials say the ion Do’s accuracy is as high as

96% So in theory it’s supposed to secure Israelis on ground by taking down these Rockets midair but here’s the flip side no weapon comes with a 100% guarantee case in point what happened today despite Israel’s Shield swinging into action the scale of the damage was there for everyone to see back to the

Iron Dome for Israel this is like a shield for Israelis it’s something that they used to seeing around them why it’s because of how often it’s been used Israel has mostly deployed the iron doome to tackle attacks from Gaza since 2011 it claims to have intercepted 2,400

Rockets just using the Iron Dome so anytime Rockets from Gaza are fired the Israelis know what’s coming next we are pretty much used to it this is the way we live here for more than a decade each time there is tension we are already in the mode that we expect to

Get things changing here that means we are not going to sleep normally at night probably we are going to have a lot of rockets coming in it’s a good thing to have the Iron Dome that protects us from all these terrorist intentions to disrupt Our Lives the Iron Dome seems to be Mr

Dependable for Israel and naanyu would hope that remains the case going forward given the current escalation Tel Aviv would want its Shield to be at its best they say those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it is that the case with Israel today the strikes on the country were

Unprecedented and unexpected but the timing is not an accident it’s the biggest attack that Israel has seen since the Yum kipur war that was 50 years ago on October 6th 1973 Israel fought a war for its survival and 50 years later it is fighting another one the Yom kipur War

War is known by many names the October War the fourth Arab Israeli War but what led to this conflict in 1967 Israel launched attacks on Egypt Jordan and Syria it resulted in Israeli occupation of Palestine also Golan Heights in Syria and the Egyptian Sinai desert 6 years later in 1973 Egypt and

Syria launched a two- front attack they attacked Israel from two two sides Egypt and Syria their mission to regain their lost territory so that’s how the Yom Kapur War started at first Israel was caught unprepared they thought their defense was impenetrable but when Egyptian and Syrian forces launched an attack Israel

Was brought down in just 3 hours it left them shocked this country was celebrating the Festival of yam kipur it’s the holiest J day in the Jewish calendar an attack in the middle of that celebration was unimaginable to them they never expected anything like this plus many soldiers were on leave so the

Initial losses were heavy Israel faced a lot of setback but they hit back and it turned the tide in their favor in this war in the end the Yom kipur war ended in a stalemate Israel and Egypt signed a ceasefire and while Israelis did not lose the war they were left in shock

They could not believe that their country had been left exposed especially in the face of such a Brazen attack plus there were those who fought the War we know many of them today as Israel’s leaders like prime minister Benin Netanyahu he fought in that war and Labour party Premier ihud Barak so

This war changed Israel it changed its people and its leaders it also raised many questions the first is about the intelligence failure how did it happen how did Israel not anticipate this how did so many soldiers die there was public uproar there were multiple investigations and in the end then prime

Minister Golda had to resign the people of Israel blamed her for the conflict at least the politicians did she had to step down 50 years on Israel faces a similar question how did they not see this coming Hamas has tried a lot of things before Rockets suicide bombs even

Incendiary kites but nothing they have done has ever been this Brazen it’s rare for Israel to lose control of its towns it’s even more rare for it to not see it coming after all this is a nation with the most sophisticated and extensive intelligence Network in the whole of

West Asia among the best in the world its surveillance system is among the most advanced in the world yet at the end of a Jewish holiday they were caught asleep at the wheel just like they were caught asleep in 1973 50 years ago Israel Israel’s famed security apparatus failed then and

It looks like it has failed again so what was it this time was it overconfidence in 1973 Israel never thought Egypt and Syria would attack them they thought the 1967 war was enough to deter them reports suggest this time was no different we’ll be tracking the Israel

Story the latest reports that we have say that US President Joe Biden has cleared $5 billion $8 billion rather in military aid for Israel so the Americans are walking the talk they’re giving Israel the support that they think it needs like I said we’ll be tracking what happens and with

This it’s a wrap on this special edition of Vantage thank you all for joining us we’ll be keeping track of updates from Israel and around the world so make sure you stay with us Oh


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