Global National: Oct. 8, 2023 | Israel’s Netanyahu threatens to turn Gaza into “deserted island”

Video Transcript of Global National: Oct. 8, 2023 | Israel’s Netanyahu threatens to turn Gaza into “deserted island”


On this Sunday night Bloodshed on both sides the shock and horror as Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza grows after that surprise attack by Hamas held hostage plus the Canadians trapped with no way out our Jeff SLE is in Israel tonight the chorus of condemnation truly horrifying Israel has

A right to defend itself as the US signals military report is being mobilized also tonight rocket fire launched from Lebanon Rising fears the fighting will trigger a much wider conflict global national with foreign Asser the sky over Israel tonight more fire as another barrage of rockets is fired from Gaza just a day after Hamas launched a calculated and coordinated surprise attack on Israel taking the lives of hundreds of people and triggering an Israeli Counterattack on Palestinian territories killing even more in the

Crossfire good evening and thanks for joining us fighting is Raging right now in Israel and it is a fast moving situation tonight Gaza itself is being pounded by air strikes setting the stage for a full-scale ground incursion by Israel forces and the number of dead is constantly Rising already more than 700

People have been killed on the Israeli side and as many as 400 killed in Palestinian territory Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening to turn Gaza into a deserted island tonight our reporters are standing by on the ground in Israel in Lebanon in the UK the US and here in

Canada all watching the developments very closely let’s go first to our Jeff simple who’s in Jerusalem tonight Jeff what’s the mood like there right now far us some here in Dre Jerusalem emerged from their homes today but tensions remain high gun battles continue tonight on Israeli territory

After an attack that people here are now calling Israel’s 9911 I feel the most vulnerable uh I’ve ever felt in my life this Israeli and former torontonian was one of thousands who attended an overnight weekend music festival near Israel’s border with Gaza he recorded this video just moments before Rockets started raining

Down because there’s loud music you don’t really hear it but when you can see the sky is like fireworks and I tell my friend I’m like okay I think I think we’re getting bombed you know and as soon as I said that the music cuts off Israelis are used to hearing Rockets

From Gaza the vast majority are shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome but then he heard a different Noise suddenly gun from Gaza started firing into the crowd panicked partygoers scrambled in all directions it was something of like a movie scene when I was running away it was like I felt like prey um running away from a predator many didn’t make it some were murdered

As they tried to escape rescue crews have recovered more than 250 bodies others were kidnapped now being held hostage by Hamas including this man’s wife and two young daughters I want to ask of Kamas don’t hurt them don’t hurt little children don’t hurt women if you want me instead I’m willing

To come photos of people that are missing right now this Nick JV swipes through the faces of the missing including several friends most likely are dead or kidnapped you he and some others escaped on foot and hid in a barn it was several hours he says before he

Saw anyone from the Israeli military where are we you know we we’re supposed to be this strong military and like this is and that was like crazy after getting caught off guard Israel’s military is hitting back hard mobilizing thousands of reservists and formally declaring a state of War their

Targets in Gaza have included a mosque and apartment buildings this mother says three of her children are dead and a fourth is missing after an Israeli rocket crashed into their home she was trapped under the rubble for hours Israel blames Hamas for using civilians as Shields the casualties

Mounting on both sides to horrific Heights not seen in decades it feels unprecedented it doesn’t feel real this Israeli Canadian lives in Toronto and came here last week to get married but their honeymoon was shortlived and I woke up at 7:00 in the morning to my dad banging on our door

Letting us know that air raid sirens had gone off she and her extended family sheltered for hours yesterday as explosions and gunfire rumbled outside I’m a third generation Holocaust Survivor and today we have reports that this is the single most amount of Jews that have been murdered in a single day

Since the Holocaust it seems industrialized it’s a massacre she’s one of several Canadians we spoke with here today who is now desperately trying to find a way out back to Canada afraid the situation here will only get worse far Jeff SLE in Jerusalem tonight thank you for your coverage Jeff now there are

Questions swirling about what the Canadian government is doing to keep Canadians in Israel safe and get those who were trapped as Jeff just showed us out Global flares Canada is aware of reports of one Canadian who has died and two others who are missing there are more than 1,400 Canadians registered

With the state of Israel and almost 500 Canadians registered in the Palestinian territories given the scope of the violence and the Bloodshed there is concern the number of Canadian casualties could rise Tria isri reports Hamas has taken a significant number of people hostage including Canadian citizens a respected

Humanitarian and advocate for peace from Winnipeg is now captive that’s according to Canada’s former Justice Minister Irwin C he tweeted Canadian citizen Vivien silver is being held by Hamas in a standing War crime the administration at a Vancouver High School is also fearful for one of its former students who was

In Israel and hasn’t been heard from since the fighting erupted please say extra prayers for King David alumnus Ben Mahi class of 2018 who is attending an event in the South and is missing Shauna Austin is also from Vancouver and was in Tel Aviv when moth launched the carefully coordinated attack there’s

Been Sirens all night it shook the building there’s literally I was on the floor on my hands and knees praying crying telling my family like I love them um it’s just been really hard Air Canada has temporarily canceled flights to Israel leaving people like Kendall and Marie Fullerton

Stranded I would have thought that we would have been getting more information that the embassy would have you know con gone to a a heightened sense of alert and been able to advise Travelers a bit better as to what we should be doing but that’s just you know not even an

Email the Canadian embassy told them it’s closed until Tuesday for the Thanksgiving weekend we had hoped that they would send a repatriation flight across to help Canadians get out of here because everyone’s stuck prime minister Justin Trudeau has spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing his deep condolences for the

Hundreds of lives lost adding Canada is Gravely concerned about the atrocities that have been committed Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations is also worried about a further escalation and the ongoing hostage situation and has to be resolved without using people as blackmail or as human Shields and and

The second is the potential for broadening the war despite the potential for a broadening War it’s not clear what the Canadian government’s exit strategy is for Canadians who are trapped in the region or what celor assistance Global Affairs is providing far Tria isri in Ottawa thank you Tria

Now there is so much happening on the ground in Israel and in Gaza tonight but for Israel the danger isn’t limited to the Palestinian territories there was shelling along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon today Israel has a long history of conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran’s government is

Praising the deadly effectiveness of the Hamas attacks in Gaza our crystal ganing is in Beirut tonight with more on the wider risks Crystal far bayut is home to Hezbollah an iran-backed political party and militia that Canada and other Western allies consider to be a terrorist group

And today we saw the first signs of Hezbollah supporters itching to get involved dozens of rockets and shells rained down on three Israeli positions in a disputed part of Syria’s isra occupied Golden Heights on Sunday hasbalah saying the volley was in solidarity with the Palestinian people the Israeli military returned

Fire with Hezbollah reporting several injuries Israeli tanks are rolling into the region to shore up defenses at a rally in Beirut Hezbollah leaders saying they salute Palestinian resistance factions Hezbollah fought a war with Israel in 2006 and tensions have regularly flared since praise for the Gaza attacks is

Also coming from Iran with fireworks in the streets and lawmakers chanting death to Israel we haven’t yet seen Direct evidence that Iran was behind this particular attack or involved but the the support over many years is clear the Gaza attacks are a major setback for peace efforts in the region

Just last month at a meeting in New York the Israeli Prime Minister and US president seemed optimistic about forging new ties in the region working on a diplomatic deal with Saudi Arabia I think that uh under your leadership Mr President we can forge a historic peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia and I

Think such a peace would go a long way first to advance the end of the Arab Israeli conflict uh achieve reconciliation between the Islamic world and the Jewish State and Advance a genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians the negotiations had included Israeli concessions to the Palestinians in addition to US security

Guarantees and civilian nuclear help sought by Saudi Arabia it’s no surprise that those opposed to the efforts to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel and more broadly uh to normalize Israel’s relations with countries uh throughout the region and Beyond who opposes it uh Hezbollah Hamas

Uh and and Iran so to the extent that this was designed to try to derail the efforts that were being made um that speaks volumes Anthony blinkin the US Secretary of State was going to discuss all of this with the Saudi Crown Prince next week during a regional tour Saudi

Arabia is now calling for restraint and urging the International Community to activate a credible process leading to a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians Farah Crystal commanding in Beirut thank you Crystal from the United States to the Vatican many world leaders are expressing their support for Israel even

As concerns rise over how this conflict could escalate even further Joel senic reports the state of war in the Middle East reverberating across the world in Washington Flags fly at half staff on Capitol Hill a show of solidarity with Israel the US government moving Navy ships and aircraft closer to the country

As new details emerge of Americans caught in the conflict we’ve got reports that several Americans are among the dead we’re working very actively to verify those reports at the same time the reports of Americans being taken hostage there too the Revelation comes as Israel’s allies continue to condemn

Hamas’s surprise attack the scenes that we’ve seen in Israel over the past 36 hours are truly horrifying of course people are worried about escalation but Israel has a right to defend itself and and it will be doing so in Ukraine a sign of support is President Vladimir

Zinski urging the world to stand with Israel while Germany’s chancellor expressed shock and outrage at the Vatican Pope Francis calling for an end to the fighting and praying for peace in the region in Israel in Palestina the UN Security Council met Sunday to discuss the conflict its humanitarian officials are

Pleading for the creation of corridors to bring food into Gaza as Israeli air strikes Target the area attacks that many expect will intensify the state of Israel cannot allow what has happened to stand and we cannot give in this kind of extortion this is in essence a battle

For pretty much for National survival and to help in that battle us officials say in addition to Military Support they will also send equipment and resources to the region the Biden Administration says Israel can expect more assistance in the days ahead Joel senic Global News Washington Israel’s anticipated

Retaliation and Beyond coming out the escalating War reverberating across the World Israel has vowed Revenge Israeli Defense Forces have hinted at widening their response to strike against iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon now that could lead to a large escalation in the Middle East as Redmond Shannon reports whatever option Israel chooses will have difficult consequences as night fell on Gaza the

Retribution continued true to Israeli promises Israeli intelligence indicates that Hamas are hiding among gazan civilians inside gazan homes and schools hospitals and masks the Israeli government says more than 100 hostages are now held inside Gaza the only way to get them out soon would be by force Israel is right now in

The midst of conducting maybe completing preparation for a a large scale uh military ground operation in Gaza Street AI mamed is a former Israeli intelligence official he says any ground operation would see large casualties military and civilian in many different aspects this is an enormously uh complicated challenge if

Israeli forces do enter Gaza ramped up operations may not be confined to this small strip of land tensions would likely rise in the occupied West Bank too and Israel has hinted it may also look to strike against iran-backed Hezbollah forces in Lebanon Hezbollah is a totally different ball game we are

Looking at capacities that are tripled if not quadrupled compar comparing to both Hamas and Islamic J combin Hezbollah leaders have said they stand with Palestinians in Gaza but the rocket fire they exchanged with Israel has so far been tokenistic according to Middle East analyst Sami Hamdi and I

Think that if the gazans had hoped that this could be enter into a wider conflict I think they are bitterly disappointed at the stance of those they expected to be allies including the stance of hisbah itself SOI believes International pressure on Israel could avert a wider conflict too it may well

Be that we’re heading toward Wards talks and negotiations as the Palestinians believe they’ve already achieved a victory and now it’s about trying to secure that vine negotiations and possible concessions from the Israelis any negotiations could eventually involve a huge prisoner swap deal in 2011 Hamas handed back one Israeli

Soldier for over ,000 Palestinian prisoners a deal that was both very controversial and took five years to broker far Redmond Shannon in London thank you Redmond ah had ravaged by Conflict for decades the natural disaster that has now killed thousands in [Applause] Afghanistan a police officer opened fire on a tourist bus in Alexandria killing at least two Israelis and their Egyptian tour guide officials say one other person was injured and that the suspected shooter was arrested Egypt was the first first Arab country to make a peace deal with Israel in the 70s but

Experts say an anti-israel sentiment still exists in parts of Egypt in Afghanistan more than 2,000 people are now known to have died in two powerful earthquakes one of the Tremors a 6.3 magnitude Quake rattled the region on Saturday leveling at least 12 villages in the country’s harat Province near the

Iranian border Rescuers are frantically searching for survivors trapped beneath the rubble 9,000 people have been injured next how the hostages being held in Gaza are complicating Israel’s next Steps as the situation continues to develop in the Middle East joining us now is Steven Simon a former White House Middle East adviser for both the Clinton and Obama administrations he’s now with the Quincy Institute thanks so much for joining us Mr Simon now some are calling

This Israel’s 9/11 and of course when 9/11 happened there was a seismic shift in the world you’ve actually written books about this what are the possible consequences of the past 24 hours well the first possible consequence is a wher war uh if Lebanese hisbah decides to intervene on hamas’s

Behalf uh there are unconfirmed reports that hisbah has reached out to the Egyptians in a back channel to say that if the Israelis go into Gaza on the ground then hisbah will uh intervene uh I emphasize that that’s um unconfirmed uh but it’s plausible uh the initial hisb response uh to hamas’s uh

Request that it intervene in the conflict was standoffish uh uh but uh but that could change and the Israelis now seem to be uh beginning the evacuation process process from towns and Villages along the northern border of Israel with Lebanon you mentioned Hamas has taken hostages there reports some are being

Held in tunnels so how does that complicate Israel’s response right now well uh Israel’s First Option uh is to uh reach out to Hamas through intermediaries uh to attempt um uh to liberate the hostages uh diplomatically through back Channel negotiations uh probably managed by uh the Egyptians uh

In the past that hasn’t worked out all that well uh Hamas tends to hold on to its Israeli hostages and and Israeli bodies uh bodies of of killed Israelis for quite a long time looking for the most opportune moment to cash in on them uh freeing the hostages militarily I I

Think will be uh difficult if not impossible because the hostages are uh dispersed and they’re hidden as you’ve pointed out uh so uh that’s going to be an obstacle uh for uh for Israel and right now I’m sure they’re debating in the inner councils uh of their government uh whether uh their military

Operation operations should be constrained um by a u uh a desire to ensure the hostages are not killed in the process of Israeli operations and that’s a very tough decision for the Israeli government to make Stephen Simon with the Quincy Institute thanks for your time thank you very

Much and that’s global national for this Sunday night I’m far Nasser and we want to leave you tonight with more scenes of the aftermath in Gaza and Israel as the violence between both sides rages on in a weekend that will go down in history our coverage of the violence continues

Tomorrow until then take care of yourselves and each other good night



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