Gaza-Israel war: Israel and Hezbollah rocket attacks at border

Video Transcript of Gaza-Israel war: Israel and Hezbollah rocket attacks at border


So we begin with the latest developments in the Israel Gaza War which has now entered into a second day the number of Israelis killed has shot up to 600 since Hamas launched its biggest attack on Israel by land air and sea early on Saturday dozens of bodies were found in

An area called AR bordering the Gaza border a number of burnt cars were found along a road in the region Israel launched strikes on Gaza early Dawn on Sunday many buildings were damage more than 300 Palestinians have been killed so far Israel has also deployed troops along the Lebanon border after Hezbollah

Shelled areas under its occupation Israel retaliated with artillery fire after three posts were hit in the Sheba Farms areas Rob Reynolds begins our coverage with this report Palestinian fighters from Gaza infiltrated close to the major Israeli city of ashalon Sunday and exchanged fire with Israeli forces the fighters were pursued driving a car

Believed to have been seized from one of the settlements near the Gaza Strip in a shootout with Israeli troops and police an undetermined number of Israelis were killed the fate of the Palestinian Fighters is unclear to the North near the Lebanese border explosions in the occupied shivba

Farms and karuba hills on Sunday morning may develop into a serious escalation of the Palestinian Israeli conflict the Israeli Army says it has fired artillery shells on hisbah positions in southern Lebanon it comes shortly after hisbah Fighters launched a rocket attack on an Israeli military Post in solidarity with the Palestinian

Resistance and their struggle groups from the Martyr Commander m in the Islamic resistance this morning attacked three positions of the Zionist occupation in the occupied Shea Farms area a large number of artillery shells and guided missiles were fired at the Radar Site the zipd site and theam site the sites were hit

Directly in Gaza City the Palestinians woke up to scenes of death and destruction following a night of Israeli bombardment Israeli Rockets leveled residential homes and business Towers across the city the Ministry of Health in Gaza reports the killing of over 300 people including 20 children with nearly 2,000

Injured from this point at an Israeli roadblock about 10 kmet from the border we can clearly hear the sounds of Israeli artillery gunboats in the Mediterranean and tanks all firing on Gaza Israel says it’s only the beginning of a long campaign to punish Hamas following unprecedented attacks on Israel

Saturday there are tens of thousands of military personnel in the surrounding areas near Gaza we will continue to arrive to every settlement until we kill all the gunman who are inside Israeli territory the land air and sea attack by alassan brigades and other groups left hundreds of Israelis dead and many more

Wounded the Israeli Army has announced the names of 26 soldiers which it says were killed in the attacks an unknown number of military and civilians have been taken prisoner by Palestinian Fighters Israeli media quoted unofficial sources saying up to 750 Israelis are still unaccounted for details of Saturday’s attack continue to emerge

This video published by the alassan brigades shows its Fighters taking control of the rim military base headquarters of the Israeli Gaza division in response to the Israeli night raids on Gaza alasan brigades launched a second wave of attacks targeting Tel Aviv with more than 150 Rockets the extent of Israel’s operation

Is still unclear with its Army putting out messages to Palestinian civilians in villages around the city of Gaza telling them to evacuate that could be a sign Israel intends a land invasion of the strip and despite calls for an end to hostilities coming from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere there’s no sign of the

Immediate offers of mediation that used to follow every previous Israeli War on Gaza Rob Reynolds Al jazer in southern Israel near the border with Gaza well we got a team of correspondents covering the story Rob Reynolds is in southern Israel a few kilometers from the Gaza border yide is

Live for us inside Gaza in West Jerusalem we have sah harat and in southern Lebon zenah is standing by for us but let’s start off with Rob Reynolds who’s joining us from near the Gaza Israel border and Rob we just saw your report there you know the numbers of Israeli dead has

Just escalated rapidly isn’t it yes uh and it’s an astonishing figure now over 600 Israeli civilians Dead uh by way of comparison look back at the uh 2006 Lebanon war 44 uh civilians from Israel died during that conflict and in the second indata which lasted from 2000

To 2005 five entire years of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians 730 Israeli non-combatants were were were casualties uh now there are reports that on uh there are this these numbers may actually rise Beyond 600 uh because the uh fighting is still underway in southern Lebanon where near excuse me in

Southern Israel near where we are now uh between Hamas Fighters and the Israeli military the Israeli military has not been able to dislodge Hamas fighters from certain Villages and uh kutes and towns uh that they took on Saturday and in fact Hamas uh commanders have said that they’ve been able to resupply their

Forces and have taken new territory uh today on Sunday um now now the uh whatever the fin number may be it is certainly going to be a tremendous visceral shock to the Israeli public and it may in the immediate term spur calls for vengeance against Gaza and certainly

Israel is capable of doing that in fact there’s there are several tanks nearby that are regularly shelling uh Gaza just a few kilometers away uh and we we periodically hear the the concussive blast from those tanks but in the longer term I think that uh the Israeli public

Will also demand accountability and uh responsibility for how they’re supposedly uh vaunted uh in there we go uh accountability for how their government their supposedly expert and excellent intelligence services and their military managed to be caught completely unawares by Hamas and Rob talk of three phases to Israeli action the first is clearing

Palestinian Fighters out of the Border areas uh and then an evacuation of the area before perhaps uh that full scale assault right uh the the third aspect of that that you mentioned that’s that’s the wild card that we don’t know exactly what uh Israel has decided uh to do do

If it has made that decision yet uh although from this Vantage Point we’ve seen many many uh tanks armored vehicles Jeeps full of soldiers transports uh lots of soldiers moving around here uh in the in the area of Gaza so uh the possibility of a land uh

Invasion is also made Greater by the fact that Israeli authorities have warned uh Palestinians who live near the border uh to get out and go somewhere else uh so some indication there that that there’s going to be a battlefield there but then that of course raises all kinds of different questions especially

About casualties there are hostages there are uh captives being held by Hamas and other Palestinian fight fighters inside the the war and of streets in that vastly overcrowded city of Gaza among the two 0.1 or 2.3 million people who live there honeycombed with tunnels and uh a fight between the

Israeli military and the Guerilla fighters of Hamas and other uh militant groups uh would involve the most dangerous and deadly form of warfare imaginable house-to-house fighting close combat in an urban setting something that is uh always uh has always in the past in history caused massive numbers of

Casualties all right Rob leave it leave it there for the moment thanks very much indeed Rob Ry speak to bit later no doubt



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