Let’s open our Bibles to Matthew 24 Matthew 24 and we’re we’re plotting through it we went through verses 15 16 17 18 and 19 last time and we’re going to start in verse 20 uh this evening but to introduce that 20th verse I want to

Remind you that if you read or listen to the news with a Biblical mind you can often hear the whisper faintly in the background of truths from the Bible that are are just coming through the secular unbelieving news outlets let me let me just share one uh summary I read this

Week this this was fascinating they said this and it was to prove something but they said humans can live 40 days without food 3 days without water 8 minutes without air but only one second without hope I thought that was a very interesting and insightful comment you see we live

In a world that brings hopelessness to people’s lives the scriptures tell us why they’re hopeless but but let me talk about some of the reasons that people don’t have hope most adults in this world no matter where they live a couple weeks ago we spent 12 days in turkey and Greece I

Listen to a Turk and a Greek talk all the daylight hours and you know what I found doesn’t matter where you live you have the same set of struggles little different form little different sound a little different color a little different shape same form of struggles I

Listened and it’s the same thing job insecurity Health insecurity and uncertainties financial distresses future fears like what’s the world’s going to be like for my children or what’s the world going to be like for me when I’m old or what’s the world going to be like period when I’m weak and whatever these

Future fears everyone seems to have them and then you add to that relational wos and it’s just amazing to hear of you know whether it’s in a mlim society or Greek Orthodox Society their relational woes and then the general struggles that accompany life I mean it’s hard life is

Hard I mean getting up going to work fixing stuff never having enough time just life is hard and all of these wear on our hopes for the future so whether you’re saved or lost they’re just the The General struggles of life but beyond just the normal how hard life is in

Every way there’s kind of a second layer that that robs us of Our Hope because lurking all around us are these deadly diseases you hear about people getting them and then there are these incurable and killer viruses and you don’t want to get those especially heard this week that they were

Fedexing actually it was last week they were fedexing this this only known strain of deadly Spanish flu and they sent out thousands of samples of it to labs to test you know then they recalled them all you know and you hear about all these incurable deadly viruses and then

There are lethal pathogens that if released and unrestrained could devastate all of human life in this world now for a recent example the Aven or the bird flu that still I mean that thing has not gone away they’re just working on it and it’s just villages in

Vietnam right now are being struck and people are are dying of this horrible disease but it hasn’t broken out of that area yet so that’s kind of a second level that kind of robs people I mean if you can make it through your job and your future plans and your retirement

And have enough finances and good enough help then you got to worry about you know these kind of midlevel disasters and I could add to that earthquakes and tornadoes and all the other other things in life but even more ominously in the background and this is only in the last

60 years there’s something else that’s back there not only the the terrorists which is a new thing in our society uh and the the dirty bomb that I mean last week they said that that zarka has one that he’s in a process of assembling somewhere here in America and everyone

Says who’s Zara and how’d he get it and you know I mean but it’s out there but even more horrible we’ve forgotten this one we don’t even think about this one Atomic weapons being Unleashed again on this planet as they haven’t been for 60 years you know we just celebrated uh and we’ll

Celebrate again you know the the end of of the war 60 years ago and you know or or it was 50 and then now this year it’s going to be 60 in June the the the whole end of World War II and then this coming August we’re going to talk about 60

Years ago Nagasaki in Hiroshima 60 years no Atomic weapons detonated on this planet but weapons of mass destruction if properly understood will just kill your hopes for the future especially if you don’t know Christ well because of these layers of problems more and more people around the

World are coming to the point of hopelessness in fact I was sharing with a group that I spoke to this week that the the new new way in Japan of getting rid of your problems is you know Japan is just about as advanced and as affluent as you can get on this planet

And they’ve tried everything done everything all by the time they’re 19 years old and there’s nothing left to live for and they’re in great debt and they have no hope for the future so they they have these parties they go in their fancy new Japanese car they buy a little

Hiachi oven they sit in their fancy car they they in their fancy uh Lexus they have this roll down thing and they put the Hibachi there they cook their meal inside the car with the windows up and they have this wonderful meal they all

Eat it as many as can fit in the car they leave the Hibachi burner going they all get a little sleepy and they die of carbon monoxide poisoning in the car just like that and there’s a Japanese unpronouncable to us word for this it’s a party death ending their life in their

Fancy car with their fancy Habachi because they have no hope I was interested the British paper was uh BBC News was talking about this was the headline Germany’s great new depression and I thought it was about finances you know the Great Depression it’s about their feelings I’ll just read

Two lines from it this is the headline record numbers of Germans suffering from depression and other mental illnesses second line up to 70% of Germans say they are seeking professional help for their psychological problems and if you read the article you know what it is they’re so afraid they’re

Going to lose their job they’re so far in debt and they they just have nothing to live for that they are they are too sick to go to work the job they’re afraid they’re going to lose and they’re too depressed they can’t even go into their job that they’re afraid they’re

Going to lose because of life too hard well look at Matthew 24 because the horrible reality is the worst is yet to come you might think it’s bad now the worst is yet to come Jesus says I mean what a what a negative sermon from the

Most positive man in the world the worst he says is yet to come it’s ahead of us this is where jesus takes us this evening let me just back up with you because we we already covered versus 15 uh down through 20 but I want to I want

To remind you of this because as we plot through this 24th chapter it’s a masterpiece it’s it’s the best most perfect sermon on the future ever preached because it was preached by the one who is bringing the future to past I mean it wasn’t it wasn’t hypothetical it

Was him telling us what he’s doing our Lord himself but but look what he says in these Verses first he shows us uh that when he comes back the Jews are back in the land after 2500 years remember we covered that last time for 2500 years there has not been a Nation

By the name of Israel when he comes back there there is in the land where they used to live a group of Jews uh after 2 200 years they have a temple I told you about last time in Jerusalem after 2,000 years without a temple so500 years

Without a nation 2,000 years without a temple and on top of that they’re offering animal sacrifices and by the way they haven’t had animal sacrifices for 2500 years either they didn’t do animal sacrifices with Ezra and numan’s rubbable and all that because once the temple was destroyed in the time of

Nebuchadnezzar and Solomon’s Temple was the last functioning animal sacrifice offering in the complete sense of the Mosaic law why because what was missing what was missing in the time of Christ was that there was not a believing priesthood that’s why Jesus so condemn them so though they were

Offering all the different they were just going through it mindlessly and that’s what Jesus Christ’s Ministry was so there was not a believing offering going on that last 500 years even after they rebuilt the whole thing well Jesus tells us this and let me read it to you

Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation verse 15 spoken of by Daniel the Prophet standing in the Holy Place whoever reads let him understand so that hasn’t there hasn’t been a holy place for for 2,000 years there hasn’t been a a Sanctified holy place where the shakina dwelt because Ezekiel Saw that

Leave the glory left God’s presence left that’s why there weren’t genuine sacrifices going on there it was just a just a rigoll going on left way back way back 2500 years ago but it’s going to come the building at least is going to come back and he says Verse 18 let those

Who are in Judea fleeing the mountains that means they’re living in in Israel and they’re called Judea and there’s a Judah has an existed for 2500 years let him who’s on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house he said this is urgent he who’s in the field not

Go back to get us clothed woe to those who are pregnant in those who are nursing babies in those days now look at how Jewish this is verse 20 and pray that your flight may not be in Winter or on the Sabbath do you know why this is a

Message to the Jews and not to us you know why this talks to us about a future time because it’s so postured around Jerusalem it’s surrounding the temple the sacrifices Judea and the ultimate is in verse 20 pray that it not be on the Sabbath the Sabbath what’s the Sabbath

It has nothing to do with us just a Jewish section so Jesus speaks to them well we covered that last time now look at verse 21 and that’s where we’re going to go tonight because Jesus introduces a new topic he changes gears and this is

What he says he says at the time when he returns listen mankind IS F finally possessing the capability of total annihilation of Life on this planet I want that to sink in your mind because it’s just flown past us we we don’t even think about that and we

Need to think about that verses 20 and 21 for then this future time when he returns there will be Great Tribulation such has not been since the beginning of the world until this time no nor ever shall be now remember Jesus’s sermon is drawn completely from pieces of the

Fabric of the Prophecies of the Old Testament we’re going to look at a lot of those tonight Jesus was preaching and expounding on what he had already said through His prophets what he had said Peter said it was the spirit of Christ which was in the prophets speaking it

Was Jesus speaking through those Prophets The Spirit of Christ impelled by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit but the spirit of Christ that was speaking through them because he was revealing himself as the Christ and so he said it’s going to be like never before but look what it is verse

22 and unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved as a very ominous statement especially when you inter leave verse 22 with all these other prophecies that Jesus alludes to which we’re going to see tonight but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened you know I

Describ this snapshot we’re looking at tonight is this when Jesus Christ returns when he comes back to Earth in his glorious Second Coming what the earth looks like at that moment Is possessing and I might add using weapons that cause mass destruction at such a rate that if it wasn’t

Stopped it would kill every human being on this planet the worst is yet to come hopelessness you haven’t seen anything yet that’s what Jesus is saying well let’s bow and ask him to open our hearts tonight Father in Heaven I thank you for your word and I thank you we get to look

At it and I thank you we get to compare scripture with scripture and I pray that you would illumin and Quicken us and more than becoming experts and more facts may this backdrop that we see in your sermon of hopelessness no hope for the citizens of this planet in this horrific

Time point us to hope that comes to us in your word and may we become experts in biblical hope and may Our Lives be governed by you the the God who gives us hope no matter when in life we live no matter what layer of troubles we’re going through whether the everyday

Problems or those greater problems or even these horrific problems may we live in Hope and we’ll thank you for what you do through your word by your spirit in our hearts in the name of Jesus we pray amen well we’ve started saying these words these days what words are those

Weapons of Mass destruction do you hear people say it I mean it’s not even alarming to hear it on the news I mean we heard it so much during the Gulf War and then during the aftermath of the Gulf War we it it’s kind of like over we’ve been Overexposed to it’s like

Everything else in our society we’re so Overexposed to stuff we’re deaded to it let me talk to you about what weapons of mass destruction mean we often have no idea how sobering that concept should be God says at the end of the world mankind will be capable of destroy in all of

Human life so he’s going to cut this short you know God is involved yeah he’s sending all these plagues and everything but wait till you see what man is doing it’s it’s staggering you know the fact that mankind will be capable of destroying all of life is exactly what

Wmds mean we have reached a point 60 years ago where finally mankind possessed in his Arsenal something so powerful ful so damaging so big that it that it was far beyond the scope of anything that Earth has experienced prior to that time in the hands of mankind consider that when

Jesus made this prediction the armaments of his day were swords and Spears and bows and arrows okay there was no possible way that anyone on this planet could have enough swords bows arrows and soldiers and time and food and money and ships to transport them to all the

Various places to wipe out a quarter a third a half of the world’s population and certainly not all of it there’s just no way there wasn’t enough time I mean you you could hack all day long and there aren’t enough armies there enough people and besides that people could run

Off and hide and Escape in boats and do whatever it just was impossible never could all of human life have been snuffed out now think just of one I’m not going to get into biology and everything but just think of the easy one Atomic weapons tonight there are tens of

Thousands of atomic weapons on this planet tens of thousands I mean we possess the most here and we sometimes don’t even know where they all are okay uh there’s so many but these are deployed they’re coiled and they’re ready to strike not just here but all across the world these

Weapons are each of these devices would immediately incinerate any human life close enough to be in range of the Fearsome destructive power okay but if you don’t get it at the first if it’s not just the the explosion that gets you and that initial burst of of radiation

The lingering effects both in the air and in the ground and in the water would slowly get you so so I mean it’s just it’s just very very deadly and slowly or swiftly lives with lingering or immediate radiation induced death in these two verses Jesus has fast forward us

Forwarded us to the end he’s played the tape all the way to the end and in these verses he says this is what is happening it’s far worse than we realize tonight we need to see where Christ’s words come from okay I want you just to back up and

I and I want you to to see the the Illusions he’s making so let’s go back to Daniel 12 and we’ll back up through the Bible okay Daniel 12 is where we’ll start and we’ll back up toward Isaiah and Daniel verse one of chapter 12 is

Exactly by the way Daniel is one of the key books that’s why Jesus cites him by name if you want to know who’s important in prophetic literature in Matthew 24 Jesus says like Daniel said and I hope you understand when you’re reading what he’s saying because Daniel was the key

Prophet that that laid out the framework for all this that’s it’s not it’s not the chart makers and the prophecy book people that made the the the framework it’s God through Daniel he made a very clear framework and we’ve already covered that the last uh few verses of

Chapter nine saying that this period is going to last seven years Tim Le didn’t think of that and neither to Hal Lindsay or any other prophetic buff it is is from the Bible that going to be seven years long it’s punctuated in the middle and the bad part is the last half that’s

All in the Bible now look at chapter 12 of Daniel at that time and this is this is picking up on on chapter 11 the chapter divisions weren’t in the Bible it was a continuous scroll and so he’s continuing the idea of chapter 11 and the Glorious land being invaded and all

That that’s in verse 41 and onward but at that time Michael shall stand up the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people again who is this directed toward the Jewish people this is Daniel a prophet of the Jewish people a Jew himself speaking of Michael

Who as it were the guardian of the Jewish people he is the one that Satan has a desire to Snuff out the Jewish people because through them came the Oracles of God and the promises of God and through them the the prophecies were made by the Jewish prophets and through

The Messiah was coming so Satan wanted to get rid of him and through them the Messiah came and all the messiah’s promises are connected to those people and he says I have attached my name to those people and to this land and it’s my land and I’m going to end history

Here and I’m going to have my people build a temple to me in this land and when that Temple is defiled and in the midpoint of the tribulation when this Abomination that causes desolation this man of he’s a prince of the people who destroyed Jerusalem that’s what Daniel 9 says the Antichrist is

Going to be Roman isn’t that amazing I could go into other stuff you talk about something unnerving and I’m not into Roman Catholic lore but did you know in the 12th century there was a Roman Catholic pope that made a prophecy about every Pope that would follow him he described

Them and you know what’s just Eerie you can see everything he said I mean if you look close enough he said this one would be born at the eclipse and this one would be born at this and that and you know it all has basically happened but

You know what the Eerie thing is he said that from his papacy on there would only be 112 more popes and this new guy Benedict the 16th is 111th and you know what this man in the Middle Ages said the last Pope would be probably was reading Daniel he said he

Will be a Roman and he will end the church now this guy in the 10th 11th century believed that the last Pope and it could be that he was reading the scriptures but he prophesied wrote down in Latin cryptic little sentences that said the last Pope would be Roman we

Know for sure the Antichrist is of the people that destroyed Jerusalem Roman doesn’t mean a resurrected dead Roman it means of the ancient Roman Empire’s region and as we saw last time basically that’s Europe okay keep reading to to what he says there will be he says this Michael will

Arise because this is the crucial time the Jews are close to being exterminated he arises now listen what verse one continues there will be a time of distress such as not happened from the beginning of Nations until then what he’s saying is this is the worst time in

History what did Jesus say in in verse um 21 of Matthew 24 I just read there will be Great Tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world till this time Jesus said this is the greatest worst time why I thought the flood was no the flood wasn’t a

Great Tribulation that was a rapid death of everybody this is a lingering long horrific three and a half years from the the midpoint onward of what I shared with you in January would be like having three tsunamis uh every you know 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon every

Day around the world with hundreds of thousands of people dying every day that’s why it’s the greatest look look what it says in verse one it’s the greatest time of distress Daniel 121 nothing like that has happened from the beginning of Nations it’s the worst time in history but at that time your

People Everyone whose name is found written in the book will be delivered now again to to keep consistency here is talking about the remnant of the Israelites and that they at that climactic moment when the city is broken through as we saw last time and the armies are Marching In and they’re

Pillaging and ravaging and raping and and murdering the Lord touches down on the Mount of Olives and it’s going to be a fearful time because finally he’s going to unleash his wrath and that’s what chapter 19 of Revelation is all about well let’s back up because uh if

The tribulation the half the worst time in history what’s going on and let’s go back to Isaiah 24 I think it’s interesting that Isaiah 24 exactly parallels Matthew 24 now I know that’s just a coincidence for this reason the chapter divisions weren’t in the Bible but I’m glad that the people that

Divided up the chapters made it so it’s easy to remember okay so Isaiah 24 Matthew 24 both are talking about the tribulation because Isaiah foresaw something that Jesus affirms now what Isaiah foresaw under the inspiration of God’s spirit Jesus confirms in this sermon of his and which in turn if we

Read these words in and in 24 and then back in Chapter 13 it should send Collective Shivers through our hearts as we think about what he’s saying because a lot of times we get so caught up in in in kind of the popularized version of

This which is you we just eat this stuff up you heard Ken Ham say during the seminar that that millions of people all of us love these prophetic books we just eat them up you know and that’s why laase holds so many but we don’t sometimes really know

The scriptures that lie behind them look here is 1 24 of Isaiah veres 1-6 okay because I want you to think of your neighbors and friends without Christ’s love and hope without his cleansing and forgiveness what they’re going to experience if this is kicks off anytime soon Isaiah 24:1

Behold the Lord lays the Earth and this is I’m reading from The New American Standard very similar to New King James behold the Lord lays the Earth waste devastates it distorts its surface scatters its inhabitants drop down to verse 5 the Earth also is polluted by its inhabitants for they transgressed

Laws violated statutes broke the Everlasting Covenant therefore a curse devours the Earth and those who live in it are held guilty and this is the most critical part therefore the inhabitants of the Earth are burned now listen and few men are left wa wait Jesus says if we don’t

Don’t if he doesn’t stop this nobody would be left alive on the planet he’s alluding to what Isaiah’s describing and you can read all of Isaiah 24 and 13 we’re going to go to he says there is such a scorching a burning a Devastation that few men humans mankind are left few

Compared to the vast number now easily the Bible says half of everybody on this planet are killed in the tribulation but that’s just trying to add together that a third here and a quarter there and you know you just get these just huge devastations going on but God’s Reckoning is there are few

Humans Left Alive now let’s back up to chapter 13:9 so we’re backing Through the Bible look at at Isaiah 13 and interesting another interesting parallel if you like similarities Mark 13 contains the same images as Isaiah 13 and Matthew 24 has the same images as as Isaiah 24 so

It’s just interesting uh and again I don’t think that has anything to do with inspiration it has everything to do with um us numbering the different chapters but look at what it says in verse 9 behold and I told you last time the day of the Lord that’s that’s Old Testament

For the end the second coming this whole period this this climactic set years punctuated in the middle by the event of Daniel 9 and going through the last half with all these horrific things behold the day of the Lord verse 9 is coming cruel with Fury and Burning

Anger so there’s this Burning Anger to make the land a desolation now listen and he will exterminate you’ve ever exterminated something I mean extermination is a very that is a strong word God is Exterminating its sinners from it he he’s Exterminating people from this planet for the stars of the heaven and

Their constellations will not flash their light the sun will be dark when it rises the moon will not shed its light doesn’t that sound just like what we’ve been reading in Chapter 13 and in chapter 24 13 of Mark 24 of Matthew 21 of Luke same thing that that something’s

Going to happen the sun is not going to be as bright the Moon is going to look like blood this it’s going to look like the stars are falling from heaven and Luke says while all this stuff’s happening people are ukami interesting Greek word only time

It’s used is in Luke 21 and it means that their breath just goes and they die they are scared literally to death not just burned not just drowned and poisoned and murdered but they abuki they pop they their life goes out of them it’s so scary this is what he’s talking about

But keep reading thus I will punish the world for its evil and the wicked for their iniquity I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud and abase the hotess of the ruthless now look at this I will make Mortal man scarcer than pure gold and

Mankind it’s implied is is more scarcer than the gold of ofer chapter 24 there going to be few people left God says chapter 13 man is going to be scarcer than the best gold that means it’s going to be hard to find a living person there’s going to be so Much Death

So much destruction in each of these Old Testament passages the final Judgment of Christ’s return is the context it’s what’s described each describes the very worst time in the history of the planet but the key point of these two isaah prophecies that Jesus alludes to is that

The survivors of the tribulation will be few few left alive that’s the the common denominator description of the cause of death in this time period is primarily in both passages devouring fire that ravages both the earth and the people both the land and the inhabitants this devouring

Fire it’s in both passages it both says that people are burned that people are consumed that people are dying in this fire now go with me to the present and I want to read to you from some newspapers okay let’s get out of the scriptures for a second and get into the newspapers

Okay listen to this because they’re talking about you know where we are in the world and for over 50 years during what we now call the Cold War neither of the superpowers ever thought that a nuclear exchange was winnable we had the the the idea that that it would be

Mutual Annihilation so why even do it I mean why even let’s just go on angry and threatening and not do it and so that was kind of like the the Cold War stalemate that that we wouldn’t want to mutually assure the destruction of the planet so that’s why we got comfortable

We decided that we would never do that us and the Soviets and so we were just going to live and rattle our Sabers and fly our bombers and and go to code whatever but we were never going to do that because it would just destroy they knew that unleashing the fires of hell

As they were thought this weapon would poison and destroy life for everyone on the planet history is even recorded that scientists who developed the Soviet weapons of mass destruction were willing to go into permanent Exile in Siberia rather than to develop any further variations I mean that’s history in fact

I want to read to you General ion uh uh PPA is his name he defected from the so Soviet block and now all these guys are making a fortune writing books I want to read to you this was just uh last October in the Washington times I’m

Going to read two paragraphs of this book okay this is this is a a general that was in the the the Air Force and was over in intelligence and with all the atomic stuff this is what he says in his book it’s worth remembering that Andre sakarov the father of the Soviet

Hydrogen bomb chose to live in a Soviet Gulag instead of continuing to develop the power of death this gu went to Siberia he said I I will not tie my hands I will not work anymore I will not help you he says you’ve got enough it’s too

Bad he he sakarov wrote this in 1968 I wanted to alert the world to the Grave perils the threatening of the human race that thermonuclear Extinction and ecological catastrophe and famine would bring because of the after effects of thermonuclear weapons this writer goes on this General paa he said even eigor

Kov the kjb eEdition uh who expressed uh this deep qualm in his conscience about helping create he was by the way he was a KGB guy from 43 when the Soviets first started understanding this and and got the the the technology started until 1960 this guy ran the program from 43 to

60 this this eigor fella and this is what he wrote in 1960 at his death he said this the rate of growth of atomic explosive this is in 1960 we heard in the testimony tonight that our testifier wasn’t even alive then so I mean this is a long time ago

Okay 1960 this is what he said the rate of growth of atomic explosives is such that in just a few years the stockpile will be large enough to create conditions under which the existence of life will be impossible and that’s why this guy wouldn’t help anymore either in 1960

Sakarov quit went to a gulag this PPA guy said I can’t help you anymore it’s it’s too dangerous this is 1960 and 1968 that was a warning way back then how is it today we’re all disarmed right we’re paying the Soviets to get rid of those missiles aren’t we uh-huh are they

Getting rid of them no they’ve just developed far more powerful far more deadly far more lethal far more mobile far more accurate far more long life armaments today the Russian military has more weapons that are more powerful more Deployable and more indefensible than at any time in the past they have mobile

Ones now they have huge mobile ones they have them on rail cars they have them on trucks we never know where they are you can’t track all those trucks all the time because they have decoy trucks and they have tunnels they run them through miles long with multiple exits and they

Can be under these hardened tunnels and then pop out at any time and just crank those things up and shoot them off with multiple independent re-entry Warheads targeted today amazing so that’s Russia Today China is busily building Atomic weapons already they have them armed and they can launch

Missiles that can strike here in the US China so Russia can hit us China can hit us much worse than 1960 in 1968 today the cruel and murderous regime of North Korea remember the regime that has starved its own people there are over a million people in Starvation in Korea

Because they’re using all their resources on their atomic reactors that are for peacetime electrical production but they’re starving the people to to make those work and today uh this cruel and murderous and irresponsible regime in North Korea has both nuclear warheads and missiles that could strike the US and

Europe I mean it used to just be Russia versus US today the generations of hatred and hostility that smolder between Pakistan and India have come to the frightening climax if you read the newspaper both sides now have Atomic tipped missiles pointing at each other and and both have

Publicly stated that an atomic weapon attack on the enemy is a winnable option as far as the pakistanis and Indians are concerned they said in India we got 1.2 billion people you know you know what’s a few you know million gone I mean they didn’t say it that that crassly but

That’s what they mean Pakistan’s the same they actually have a scenario that they think it’s winnable to launch missiles at each other Atomic weapons in months if not weeks the bitterest enemy of the nation of Israel the home of the Dark Prince of Persia Iran itself will have a growing arsenal of

Thermonuclear death and destruction in place they already have the missiles and they this the the Israelis with all their satellites have confirmed that these missiles have a range a range that can strike with atomic weapons and any part not only of Israel but of all of the Gulf area and

Even into Europe the Iranians and the Iranian version of Islam considers quote martyrdom for the cause of Allah to be the ultimate Act of Faith now to be involved in nuclear exchange that ensures a mutual destruction is an acceptable option to the Mad mulas of Tran if Iran gets

Nuclear weapons you can be sure they will eagerly share them with the other fanatical Muslim nations I mean that’s just to given and with nuclear biological and chemical weapons it’s possible to wipe out All Flesh on Earth what happens let’s go to Zechariah 14 okay let me read to you an

Onth site report of a nuclear exchange okay I think that’s what what Zachariah was seeing in Zechariah 14 remember where that is you go to Matthew and back up to Malachi and go back to Zechariah it’s just before the New Testament because the prophet who wrote his book

Of prophecies as he looked over the burned out Rubble of Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem 2500 years ago that Prophet Zechariah said this and this is this is a a precise medical description of what happens to people who are in the battlefield or in the city that are within the radius of the

Blast and effects of an atomic device this is what it says says in 141 and this shall be the plague which the Lord will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets their tongues shall dissolve in

Their mouths and I want to read you a little article from Caltech here before we go just for good sleeping okay this will help you this is Su you know uh tonight this will help you go to sleep um Atomic weapons melt or dissolve victims just as Zechariah predicted 2

200 years ago now this is from a Caltech uh chat site or a blog site it’s widely believed and discussed at at Caltech California Institute of Technology that Israel has developed an even more lethal version of atomic Weaponry they have taken the technology since the Jewish Atomic scientists the one that thought

Of this as in Einstein and others all these brilliant Jews they have perfected far beyond the American neutron bomb because they don’t have much space and this is what this is what uh Caltech says um by the way the neutron bomb is the the in terms of destroying human

Beings is the Ultimate Weapon and I’ll quote it here the enhanced Neutron weapon that Israel seems to have absolutely demolishes all protein bearing living things in a predetermined area from 1 to 100 square miles without destroying buildings and terrain amazing don’t hurt the buildings you know just kill the people amazing where

We’ve come to and this is exactly look back at at chapter 12 of Zechariah because this is fitting into a very familiar scenario that the Bible has portrayed for a long time and that is that Israel is going to be pinned to the wall and they are going to unleash what

They’ve already declared which is called their Samson option remember Samson brought the Temple down in himself of deeon rather you know he rather than survived he killed himself with his enemies and that is the the proclaimed doctrine of the Israeli military they will not again lose and be destroyed so

They’ll they’ll go down with the building Zechariah 12: 2 and 3 when the final Siege of Jerusalem happens the outcome will not be what the nations of the Earth had planned God says the Destroyers of his people will be destroyed verse two behold I’ll make Jerusalem a a cup of drunkenness to all

The surrounding peoples when they lay Siege against Judah and Jerusalem verse three when it happens in that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all people here it is all who would heave it away will be cut in pieces though all nations of the Earth are gathered against it it’s very

Possible that this describes the unleashing of the destructive power that Zachariah saw in chapter 14 the melting armies advancing on Jerusalem the final Siege well what are we to make of this why do we’re not even going to be here we’re going to be with the

Lord well let me conclude with this and this is where we’ll pick up Lord willing next week the Hebrew Bible has four different words for Hope clinging hope waiting hope um establishing hope and Sheltering Hope just four different Hebrew words so the most graphic words you know Paul says

The god of hope we’re saved in Hope did you know the Hebrew scriptures describe what we are supposed to be living as we see the world marshaled against God’s people as we see the events lining up for the end what are we supposed to be doing getting afraid

Building bomb shelters getting gold for when money gets worthless well I mean do whatever is necessary but you know what we are supposed to be captured captivated surrounded overflowing with this hope this hopeless world we live in is supposed to see hope filled Believers and that’s where we’ll pick up

Next time and actually see what we’re supposed to do while the world is preparing for the worst time ever let’s bow together Father in Heaven I thank you that we were saved in Hope and that we can have hope is an anchor of our souls and that’s why we need to study

Your word to see what the end looks like so we can share it with others and say we have hope in this hopeless time and that’s why we send our teams forth and that’s why we train uh evangelists and that’s why we pass out tracks because we

Believe in you the god of Hope who have anchored our souls in heaven and we will not be lost and we will not perish one day early or linger one day too long may we live may we serve may we go in hope in the precious name of Jesus we thank you amen



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