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What is a CCTV Security Camera System?

Are you interested in setting up a security system in your home or business but not sure which camera to get? Here’s one article that you absolutely must read before heading to the shopping sites!

Nowadays, there’s a myriad of security systems available on the market, including several that are completely enclosed in the way they send their video signals and then in the way of signals are viewed.

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One such system, which is very popular in areas like banks, casinos and airports, where close surveillance is deemed necessary, is the CCTV or “Closed-circuit Television” security camera system.

Basically, CCTV consists of the use of specialized video cameras that transmit a television signal to a specific location, which makes use of a limited set of monitors.

This specific system is not what we would think of as “broadcast television” because the signal isn’t openly transmitted and available to just any television receiver in the general area.

There are upgraded and modernized versions coming online these days which make use of digital video recorders (DVRs), but it’s usually still the case that more traditional forms of CCTV security systems are in wide use.

Some systems – in fact, the majority of the systems – are wired, meaning that the signal will travel along a series of cables from camera to camera and monitor to monitor.

There are, of course, wireless systems that employ what are known as “point to point” transmission, going from one camera, to a monitor or from one camera to another camera to a monitor and so forth.

CCTV has been used for years in surveillance systems – especially in the United Kingdom – to keep an eye on the public activities going on in large cities and such.

CCTV systems usually consist of a series of cameras that are either wired or make use of wireless transmission and a bank of monitors that receive the signal and convert them into usable images.

There may be video recorders of some sort and other associated security devices such as facial recognition computers and the like. The system can be extremely complicated or very simple depending on what is required and what is available.

CCTV systems can make for excellent security devices in the home because the cameras employed have wide viewing angle capabilities and they can be powered on a closed loop electrical system separate from the house, meaning that those with bad intent might not be able to so easily prevent the cameras from continuing operations.

Additionally, their signals can be sent off-site to a local security or police department as well.

CCTV systems can also be extremely affordable, with basic packages available for less than 100 USD. These will consist of a single very small camera and a monitor.

The camera can be affixed over a threshold or porch or some other entranceway with a wire running to a monitor that displays the images the camera captures.

Always look for CCTV systems that have some method of protecting their power supply in the event of a power outage or deliberate cutting off power.

Some of the better systems feature auxiliary battery power and high quality digital imaging.

Cameras are more important as a factor when it comes to ensuring durabilityFree Web Content, as they must face a variety of environmental challenges.

Look for those that are sturdily made and then select them in order to make a good home system.

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What Is A Solar Power Inverter and Why Do I Need One?

Solar power inverters are essential to any solar power system and can be one of the most critical decisions you make when designing your system.

Modern version of these solar power inverters do much more than simply converting the power your solar panels provide into power you can use in your home.

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Understanding the different features and functions of these modern solar power inverters will help you make the right selection for your system.

Home solar power systems provide an easy and cost effective way for the average homeowner to generate all the power their home requires with simple sunlight. These systems have continued to improve over the years and are constantly incorporating new and innovative features into their design. One component that has changed substantially in recent years is the solar power inverter.

The Heart of Your System

The solar power inverter is the part of any solar power system that is responsible for the conversion of DC power being generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used by the home. In their simplest form they do little more than accept this DC power directly from the panels and connect to your homes wiring panel to allow you to use the free AC power they convert. Even though this seems like a trivial function, these solar power inverters still require a fairly sophisticated circuitry to ensure they generate AC power that conforms to a common standard of 60 Hz and 120 VAC that most homes require.

Expanding Their Functionality

Over the years these simple solar power inverters have taken on additional functionality and can be found today performing several critical functions in addition to their conversion tasks. Most modern inverters are more intelligent than older models and actually sit between the locally supplied utility power to the home and the solar power system itself. They act like a traffic cop for power being supplied to the home and will intelligently switch between solar power when it’s available and to utility supplied power in the evenings when the solar power system is dormant. By being able to sense when the solar power system is active, these modern solar power inverters ensure the home will always have a reliable supply of electricity.

Spin Your Electric Meter Backwards

Many modern solar power systems are designed to actually supply more power during the day than the home is using. These modern solar power inverters are sophisticated enough to send this excess power back up the power lines to the local utility which generates a credit for the home. This way the homeowner can use these credits to help offset the cost of power they need to buy back from the utility in the evenings. Because the solar power inverter is connected to both the home and the local utilityFeature Articles, it can guarantee that the free solar power is used by the home whenever possible and the excess power doesn’t go to waste.

Charge Your Batteries at the Optimal Rate

Another duty that many of these solar power inverters have taken on is the charging of any batteries connected to a solar power system. Some homeowners will install a bank of batteries in their home that are charged with the excess power being generated by their systems during the day that can then be used later that evening to lower the amount of power they need to purchase from the local utility company. These batteries can also be used to supply power to the home if the local power utility has a blackout due to a storm. Most modern solar power inverters can handle the charging of these batteries and then convert their stored power for use by the home when needed.

Micro-Inverters Minimize Electrical Losses

One recent innovation to these solar power inverters is the way they are installed. Older systems would typically have a single large solar power inverter that converted all the power supplied by the solar panels. This required long lines be run from the panels on the roof of the home to the solar power inverter that was typically located at ground level near the electrical panel. The challenge with this design was that there was some loss of power because of these long lines and this could reduce the efficiency of the system. Newer systems are being installed with a group of smaller micro inverters that are actually located at the solar panels themselves. By doing the conversion of DC power to AC power right at the solar panel you can eliminate much of the loss that older systems suffered.

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How to Choose the Best Prepaid Calling Card


Prepaid phone cards came as a great advancement for communications, particularly for long distance calling. Calling cards give you an affordable way to keep in touch with your loved one’s and friends or business associates. The prepaid International long distance card has brought people in different parts of the world closer together.

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Phone cards have been around since 1975. A vending machine manufacturing company named SIDA was the first company to produce a phone card. In 1976, an Italian company put the first prepaid calling cards on the market. This calling card used a magnetic strip that could only be read by special payphones. It wasn’t until 1987 that calling cards were widely available in the United States. These calling cards were distributed by World Telecom Group using their own magnetic strip technology, which is still the most commonly used magstripe today.

Calling cards are similar in appearance to credit cards and are used to pay for domestic, long distance or International telephone service.

Approximately 500 million calling cards have been sold annually over the past decade. Calling cards may be purchased anywhere from convenience stores to gas stations. Calling cards may also be purchased online. With the Internet you have a much easier way to shop around and compare so you’ll be able to get the best deals.

Prepaid phone cards came as a great advancement for communications, particularly for long distance calling. Calling cards give you an affordable way to keep in touch with your loved one’s and friends or business associates. The prepaid International long distance card has brought people in different parts of the world closer together. Low priced calling cards have made it affordable to stay in touch. Prepaid phone cards can also be very handy during emergencies.

When you are considering which calling card to buy, you need to be aware that they are not all the same. The rates and fees charged to the card can vary widely. You will want to read the terms and compare the services for any phone card before deciding to make a purchase. Than may sound easier than it is to be done.

Calling card marketers tend to stress the cost per minute rate on the packaging, advertising copy, and on the card itself. Unfortunately, the cost per minute doesn’t give you an accurate picture of what you will actually pay. Several surcharge fees, such as for pay phone usage, can be added to the price of using a phone card. As a general rule the lower the cost per minute rate is, the higher other surcharges may be.

Many calling cards will have a per call charge, or connection fee. Often this charge can be high enough to significantly increase your actual per minute cost. A lot of cards will also have a higher surcharge for International long distance calls. This fee can tack on several dollars to a single phone call. Other surcharges can include tax and account maintenance fees.

Before you make that final decision on which prepaid calling card to get you will want to think about your calling habits. If you make frequent, short calls the best card for you would be one that has the lowest per-connection and “minimum rounding” fees.

If you make less calls and talk longer you need a card with the lowest per minute rates, but with some surchargesHealth Fitness Articles, which will give you a bargain for your money. The average person makes different types of calls and may want to carry a calling card of each situation. A prepaid calling card can give you many advantages. Just be certain to compare services before choosing which card to use so you will get the maximum benefit from your calling card.

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Advantages of Using Managed IT Services

It has been noticed and observed with great care and attention that most of the business and company owners are now in a habit to outsource their IT services.

Why is it so? Here is an article that will be telling the readers regarding some of the advantages of using managed IT services.

Starting with, cost is one of the biggest advantage that most of the companies do have whenever they outsource their IT services. They do not have to make investment in wide range of technologies and they simply outsource these IT services.

A good and reliable managed IT service provider always tries his level best to come up with best technologies so that his client might be able to enjoy the outsourced IT services! IT support as a service

Expertise is another big advantage! Managed service IT providers have some specialists that possess some wide range of skills. They save up the cost in such a way that any company can easily utilize that cost in the other department. Managed IT service providers makes use of highly advanced technologies so that they might be able to better come up with best IT solutions.

They make use of some top class hardware available in order to achieve and get desired results and outcomes. They keep on upgrading and updating the technology and hardware of the company, lessen up the stress of their client and reduce the additional costs and expenses. These managed IT services makes sure that they keep on upgrading these technologies and networks on a regular basis so that they might be able to get complete and thorough assurance that their technologies will not become obsolete and outdated. Any company would be having converged sorts of services by hiring managed IT service provider! They deliver all the IT services on one single platform. In other words, we can say that they amalgamate the wide array of services on one single network. These converged services not only reduce up the cost and expense of the IT infrastructure but also increase the chances of productivity.

Through this conversion behavior, all the team members and staff of any company will be able to access date applications and voice applications by working from home. This is quite and rather good! Managed IT service providers also add a centralization aspect to any company. All the servers and applications get managed to come on a single data centre, this aspect ensures productivity and enhance the performance the staff and team members. These IT services all also make sure that the networking operations continue to operate eve the connection with the main head office department gets lost! The continuity in the business line and recovery of data makes IT service providers the very first choice of any company. Hence, from the above mentioned discussionArticle Submission, it is quite evident that what the advantages and benefits of using managed IT services are! It is recommended to make use of these outsourced It services in the very initial years of yours business line to ensure continuous productivity.

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Forensic Toolkit – What’s In It?

In the world of digital Forensic IT, the well prepared investigator needs a forensic toolkit. The tools that this person will use will help her or him gather evidence of white collar crime or fraud, document the evidence of the occurrence, and, perhaps, place that investigator on the witness stand for expert testimony in what ever legal proceedings come out of the process. The tools used by these investigators are primarily software tools, though there are a few hardware considerations as well.

The basic computer forensic toolkit will probably be contained on a CD or DVD and be presented primarily in a word processing format. Any computer forensic investigation produces a mammoth amount of paperwork, since the goal of the investigation is to document absolutely everything that is found. These toolkit CD’s are designed to supply the investigator with tried and true forms and templates that will allow to investigator to document everything that is found. They also serve as an effective check list to aid the investigation team in ensuring that no step is missed and that everything is done in the correct order.

Another major component of the toolkit will be templates and tools to assist in the presentation of the findings of the investigation to management. It is vital that all findings be reported in a manner that is professional, unbiased, complete, and scientifically sound. This is the end product of the investigation, and what management sees as being what they paid the investigators to actually do. This reporting may also end up being the basis (and exhibits) of the legal proceedings that may arise from the process, so it is vital that these reports and presentations be accurate, clear, and completely aligned with the law.

The main non software tool that is used in a computer forensic toolkit is an imaging device. Making an exact image of the hard drive (or other storage medium) of the computer is the most common first step in the capture of data. It is absolutely required that a “clean” copy of the computer’s memory and stored data be in place, so that the investigators are sure that they are looking at and analyzing the data in the same precise pattern in which it occurs on the computer in question. There are many brands of device available, and they all have the same basic function.

First, these devices must make an exact copy of the data. Secondly, the usually perform the copy at the sector level of the disk as a bit stream process (as opposed to a simple file copy process). This method makes a more complete and accurate copy of the data, which, in turn, allows for a more thorough and accurate analysis.

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Wholesale Cell Phone Distributors – Selecting the Best Distributor for Cell Phone

Phone Screen

If you are a reseller and you are out in the market looking for a Phone Screen wholesale distributor, you will not have problems looking for one. There are a lot of distributors waiting for a call or email from resellers. The name of the game is being online and the presence of a wholesale distributor in the world of internet can be a huge and immediate success.

The huge number of distributors online is a good sign that there are a lot of options to choose from but this is also the point where the problem usually begins and you start asking yourself who to choose out of the thousands of wholesale distributors covering your area. You need to choose wisely and you need to pick the best distributor based on your requirements.

The first thing that you need to take note of is your number one need. A reseller goes for cell phones that have great demand in the market and the only way for the reseller to be able to do this is by getting a reliable wholesale distributor who can provide the specific brand or set of brands that you need to sell. Not all distributors will be able to meet this requirement. Some distributors have limited stocks of certain cell phone brands while other distributors balance their available stocks in order for them to be able to provide to all resellers that need their supplies.

Commitment is another major factor in choosing or picking the best distributor for cellular phones. You have a demand for certain units and if your distributor will not be able to provide the units that you need then you are in danger of losing customers. You know you can’t lose even one customer because that is translated to thousands of dollars already. When you are not able to provide cell phones on dates you have committed to customers then they will go away and they will provide negative feedback to other potential customers. One customer may only mean a few hundred bucks but if the negative feedback causes a chain reaction, then you don’t only lose one customer but you lose a bunch of them. When you trace back the problem, you will realize that your distributor played a major role in this event. You need to make sure that your chosen distributor should be able to meet you halfway in terms of availability of units.

Picking the best distributor also means that he or she will help you earn in the cell phones that you sell. This is best done by providing discounts from the wholesale price of the phones that you ordered. Distributors set a minimum order for the number of phones that you want to get. This is for their protection too so that when they provide discounts, the cost would still cover for their possible profits.

Selecting the best distributor depends on what your requirements are. As long as he or she could meet your needs and demandsScience Articles, then selecting that wholesale distributor could already be your best pick so far.

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Benefits and Uses of Two Way Radios

Two way radios came into existence centuries ago but till today they are of great service for many industrial and personal purposes.

Communications is an integral part of modern life, and the number of electronic communication gadgets that are available to us today is staggering. The use of two way radios is one of the earliest forms of communication that is still prevalent today.

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Two-way radios send and receive information using a receiver and transmitter. The transmitter turns sound into electrical signals, amplifies the sound and then sends it over radio waves. Operators can communicate with two-way radios over short distances.

Two way radios are simple ways of staying connected wirelessly. Though they cover only a limited area, the cost-effective quality of the radios keeps them far above the other means of communication. Two way radios do not rely on anything external like cell towers or network service providers to provide communications between radio units. They are used as a stand-alone system that can be used anywhere.

While the device is in use there it is not necessary to restrict to the cord. The best part is that there is no bill to be paid monthly. This means that you will not need to pay any network provider for the time you talk on the radio. Once you a buy a set, it will keep on giving you service.

There are many beneficial uses in two way radios. These devices were used mostly by military and the law enforcement personnel. But in recent days they are even used by many consumers for their daily uses. In following areas two way radios are of great use.

Emergencies: During an emergency survival situation, the power may be out, or we might not be located near enough to a cell phone tower to get signal. Having a pair of 2-way radios is an excellent survival preparedness measure that will serve you during an emergency, and will provide you countless uses during normal times.

Entertainment: The RC helicopters are otherwise called as the Remote control helicopter. It is very fun flying the RC helicopter. Plying with the RC helicopter is also a hobby for many. It is not only kids love playing with these RC helicoptersPsychology Articles, even elders is more interested in playing with these helicopters and they enjoy more.

Recreational activities: Two way radios are the best bet for recreational activities. They can be used in following scenarios.

Road trips – where two cars are traveling together

Camping – keeping in contact while others are out and about

Boating – staying in touch with your group on the shore

Hiking – emergency communication if you get separated

Military purposes – Military organizations make use of this device even up to now.

Commercial purposes – These radios are widely used by radio operators in radio stations. These are used for listening to different channels and for data transmission.

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Aluminum Sign Standoffs Excellent Way To Display Your Signage

Sign Standoffs have been made with beautiful designs that can create unique transformation to a simple signage. Each structure has elegant patterns that can be create a perfect design statement to any…

Sign Standoffs have been made with beautiful designs that can create unique transformation to a simple signage. Each structure has elegant patterns that can be create a perfect design statement to any place where these are displayed. Additionally, such types of standoff signs and mounting hardware can enhance the functionality of various sign mount installation. Moreover, it has been made from high quality aluminium materials, which has been known to last for a long time. It has undergone series of standard processes that ensure durability amidst the threat of harsh weather conditions and climate. On top of that, these types of sign mounting hardware have been particularly designed to support even the thickest panels. These essential kits are required in displaying boards for each corner to enhance its stability.

In addition, aluminum sign standoffs have been made available in different sizes that will work well with any types of projects or installations. It has certain features that can complement both indoor and outdoor set ups. In most cases, aluminium sign standoffs kits come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. It typically varies from Wall Screw Stud- Screws into the wall, Standoff- Screws over the stud and Cap- Screw over the display board. Each of these has its own function that can help improve installation processes. It has versatile features that can perfectly meet any types of signage applications.

Some of the most important aluminum sign standoffs are Satin Aluminum Stand-Off, Base Satin Aluminum Stand-Off and Satin Aluminum Tamper Resistant Stand-off Kit and Anodized Aluminum Stand- off. Each of these types of sign standoffs is useful in creating a designer signage. Moreover, it can be used as sign spacers that can mount sign boards easily. Unlike a wall mounting signage, Aluminum Sign Standoffs are fascinating method to post sign panels and boards. Nowadays, the importance of aluminium sign standoffs has been utilized for numerous commercial applications; in fact various industries have manufactured it to serve the varying needs of its customers. You can observe them in commercial offices, buildings, hospitals malls and other business establishment. These are intended for instructional signage that can point out direction of a particular building.

One of the most popular types of sign standoffs has been known as Base Satin Aluminum Stand-Off with anodized feature, which can work well for both exterior and interior settings. The anodized coverings will protect it from damages and other weather related problems. Likewise, these stand offs are available in different diameters and barrel heights with four pieces of hardware that include a cap, a cap stud, a barrel and a wall anchor/stud. More than thatArticle Submission, a Satin Finished Aluminum Stand-off with decorative wall mount coupling will add a touch of elegance to your place.

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Software Employee Time Tracking: Effective Employee and Business Management Tool

Whether your staff is working at the office or at home, get hold of their performance by constantly monitoring them through a software employee time tracking, like Tidsregistrering

A popular set-up of small to large companies today is to hire remote workers other than the team they have at their site. It is a cost-saving measure. Although it has its benefits, problems still arise, particularly on regulating and tracking employee activities. These are very important because schedule has to be followed. Delays just won’t do any good especially if you are just building your clients’ trust and loyalty.

Keeping an organized workflow and manpower must be maintained in order to establish competence. A software employee time tracking will help not only in efficiently managing schedules, but will also help increase productivity because employees tend to focus and concentrate when they know they are being monitored.

Idle time is greatly avoided. Your remote workers would have to be mindful of the time. Instead of doing personal stuff before proceeding to work mode, they would have to be conscious that once they log in their activity, the clock will start ticking.

What a software employee time tracking basically does is capture employee time automatically. It’s the accurate and reliable method to implement to record time, view reports and produce billing statements. Significant savings is achieved because the process of attendance and time tracking is already automated.

Let us also include its capacity to create detailed invoices. Surely, no time is wasted just to ensure the veracity of the invoices.

This tool also supports company’s need for better project management. Using this software, you can easily track employee activities to ascertain that schedules are followed. You’ll get to have a more organized workflow where delays are greatly avoided.

If you have your own team of workers, payroll is also a business administrative task that is aided by this time tracking application. Using less powerful software would result to erroneous and faulty data, especially when it comes to integrating attendance, leaves, sick leaves and benefits to an employer’s salary.

There are also government taxes and loans that need to be reflected on the payroll. And because it can be generated online, companies get considerable savings on printing and hiring administrative staff to do the paperwork. You are also supporting the government’s move in encouraging business firms to go paperless in their transactional processes as much as possible.

Surely, you’ll get a strong hold on how you run your business from administrative tasks to employee supervision. When you have support tools like software employee time tracking, you’ll have enough time to attend to other pressing matters.


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The benefits of using the Right Booking and Scheduling Software

Have you considered the great advantages of integrating the most reliable booking and scheduling software within your business? Here, you can have access to valuable information on how to integrate automotive ERP software in your business strategy in an effective manner. With the right scheduling opportunities and strategies, you can improve your business’ image and grow your income.

These modern days, the booking and scheduling software has become quite a helpful tool, helping businesses around the world establish a positive experience for their clients by providing them with the convenience of booking their appointments online. The automotive ERP software targets the software requirements mainly utilized in large and medium sized businesses.

The advantages of opting for the right booking and scheduling software are numerous. First of all, with the help of this element, you can enhance the business image, by increasing customer satisfaction. Secondly, you can save precious time that is usually lost in managing and scheduling the appointments of your clients.

To be more specific, with the right desk booking software, you can book the appointments automatically.

Third of all, you have the opportunity of earning more, because you won’t have to pay the person who manages the calls of your clients, any longer. Another important aspect is the fact that you will be able to handle the client management more professionally because all client contact will be stored securely online.

Having all these benefits at your disposal, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t opt for a scheduling software right away. It is recommendable to consider the following factors when deciding on the right scheduling software: data security, customization, ease of use and last but not least, size and prices.

The automotive ERP software comprises modules that include utilities for product design, marketing and sales, human resources, accounting, production control, finance and inventory control. The most important benefit of using this kind of software is reflected in its ability of providing easy global integration.

To be more specific, the exchange rates, the differences in language and the cultural difference are bridged. In addition to this, the real-time information can reduce the possibility of experiencing errors. The benefits can be experienced by the employees, as well. However, it is recommendable to consider proper consultation prior to finalizing the ERP software for your company; in this manner, you won’t face any issues that might harm your organization.

Prior to implementing the ERP solutions, is it advisable to consider the following features: human resource management, financial management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and last but not least, third-party interoperability.

To conclude with, when it comes to your business’s productivity, you need to make sure you’re using the latest software tools for ensuring the best results. With the right booking software, you’re a step closer to obtaining that brand image you have always dreamt about. However, prior to integrate these complex software instruments within your business plan, it is advisable to contact a specialized person who will present you every detail regarding this process.

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10XHOSTING Review – The Best WebHosting Provider Today

10xhostings review

Getting high-quality hosting at even a reasonable price is difficult. Getting hosting on one of the best networks in the world for dirt cheap is a steal. Generally speaking, decent cloud-based hosting is going to cost you $40/month if you’re really lucky.  You could get cheaper, but then you lose reliability.

At that price range you don’t get backups and all of the other niceties unless you pay top dollar.

How about 10xHostings?

What is 10x Hostings?

10x Hostings is a pre-paid cloud-based website hosting service. LiteSpeed networks is considered the #1 commercial web server hosting and world class. So the quality is there.  The next question is what do you actually get as a customer.

Well, here’s a list of the features at a high-level

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Cpanel w/WHM Powered control panel to control your websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth!!
  • Cloud-based storage. You can high redundancy and availability
  • Cacheboost System — Blazingly fast
  • Cloudflare CDN — The very best Content Delivery Network for your website graphics and scripts
  • Free Flowing Drag-n-Drop Website Page Builder — Build your website visually without all the pesky code
  • Premium DNS
  • 450+ web applications available inside to install with one click
  • $300 in advertising credits from the companies Google, Amazon, Bing, Perfect Audience, & YouTube

So as you can see all of the normal apps like WordPress and such are supported and you get to use cPanel which is the most popular web server control panel in the world.




What are the best features of 10xHostings?

There are quite a few features of 10x Hostings that really makes them stand out:

World Class LiteSpeed Powered Premium Hostings (100% Controlled)

This is a big one.  If the hosting and speeds aren’t there, it’s not worth it.  This one is top-of-the-line.

cPanel & WHM for easy centralized control on your all websites

You want cPanel/WHM for sure.  cPanel is the most popular control panel and it has tons of tutorials out there and it’s the go-to for control panels.  Normally it can be an extra cost but here they just give it to you.

Also, transferring between cPanel’s, moving websites is a piece of cake.  Just menu options right in the control panel, doesn’t get any easier.

1 Click Installation Of 450+ Website Apps Available

This is really important so you can install WordPress and such at the press of a button.  Pretty much a standard and it’s great it’s included.  That’s 450 applications available inside panel.

Malware and Spam monitoring tools to eliminate malicious elements from your websites

This is pretty handy.  More often than you’d think sites are hacked into and malicious javascript code and such is embedded in the site to take advantage of unexpecting usual visitors.  It’s bad for everyone and this scanning lets you know you’re safe.

Unmetered DDOs Mitigation to Protect your site against malicious traffic

THIS.  Really, THIS.  If you have a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack, it means a zombie network is having tons and tons of computers loading your website.  Besides tying up your site and it becoming unavailable due to being too busy, your bandwidth usage can go through the roof.

For some unlucky souls, and attack has cost $1000+ in overage fees to the site owner.  The protection in this can save you more money than you may realize. Always insist on unmetered DDOS mitigation to avoid unexpected site bandwidth overage fees.

Free Drag-n-Drop Website Builder to build your site with ease without any coding or designing skills

This is really great in that if you don’t want to use WordPress or such, you can just build your webpages manually with visual tools.

Incredibly fast RAID storage so you can handle all the traffic, bandwidth and power needed for your websites.

This is always expected and 10xHostings delivers here.  Not only RAID(redundant hard drives in an array) for speed but also for backup purposes so the likelihood of a hard drive going out and taking out your site won’t happen.

Unlimited Hosting for Your Unlimited Websites & Unlimited Domains & Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited.  Need I say more?  Unlimited is always great in a deal.

Unmetered Bandwidth to scale your business without restrictions

I do have to mention this one.  Unmetered is great and all.  It really means nobody is keeping track of the total bandwidth you’ve used.  Great for billing since there’s no overage.

Just a note that unmetered does not mean unlimited.  You have a certain amount of total speed so it’s not infinite speed.

That’s not a bad things, but I just wanted to spell that out.

Cloudflare CDN Integration for faster web page load times by serving content from locations closer to the user

CDNs are great and Cloudflare is a big player.  They multi-host your CDN images and such which means many copies throughout the world and they can serve them to your visitors in a blink of an eye.

Ultra Fast 24*7 Dedicated Support

Support is great, especially when you really need it.

So that’s a big chart.  Which parts of it should be duly noted?

  • Regular Backups are FREE.
  • Free high-speed global CDN
  • Cloud storage
  • Multiple MySQL databases – For security reasons you really want each site to have its own database.
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited free SSL certs
  • FREE setup – Note that one because that fine print can trip you up on some hosts.  With 10XHostings there are no hidden fees.

10xHostings Pricing

10xHostings has quite a few options.  There are a total of 6 packages depending on what you are looking for, and each comes with its own bonuses.




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Make Money from YouTube with No Website – Review


Make money from Youtube with no website comes from Mike Williams. It is a step by step program to show you exactly how you can do the same thing as he does.

He shows you in small bite sized videos how he has been able to make $10,000 a month from YouTube without having a website. The program suits people who aren’t technical so if you don’t have any experience you can do it easily. The income can also come directly into you bank or to you by wire transfer. So, it’s quick and easy getting paid.

He stressed that the secret of the success is the recipe he has the secret is his process. If you don’t stick to it, it won’t work as well as it does for him. So, you really need someone to take you through the process properly. He will lead you by the hand to your success.

Mike has cracked the code on making effort-free money with YouTube. He will show you exactly how he does make $10,000 a month.

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Youtube Marketing Video Training. Become a youtube marketing pro with even more great training thrown in free! Value $37

This bonus is to enhance anything you plan to do online to help you become a success. YouTube is vast and the more knowledge the better. Learning on how to market your own videos as part of this training course will help you become the successful person you want to become.

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Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse Review

Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse

Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse, product Function: 1. Compatible with USB 2.0 or 1.1, Functioning range within 10 meters (30 Feet) 2. Nano Port: Convenient nano receiver storage space for when you require it.Comfort Grasp: Smooth, rubberized grip created for convenience and control. 3. Wireless: Connect in nano receiver and go wireless. 2.4 GHz reliability as well as performance. 4. Nano Receiver: Tiny enough to connect in as soon as and also leave attached. 5. Immediately power conserving, make battery functioning longer 6. ON/OFF switch: turn on or switch off mouse power 7. Flexible optical sensor from 800-1200 DPI Product Compatibility With: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Panorama, Windows 7. Item Plan Consisted Of: 1 x 2.4 G Wireless Computer Mouse 1 x USB Receiver

Box Includes
Computer mouse & Dongle x 1

Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse, good construction and also nice mouse fits in well with a MacBook or on the desk of an iMac the usb matches the computer mouse as well as although it’s not an apple mouse it does the job perfectly!

Plug and Play! The USB dongle fit perfectly in the rear of the iMac and worked instantly.
The computer mouse is light-weight as well as very easy to utilize. It also deals with any other technology you could have in the house such as other laptops, clever TVs. Incredible product, outstanding price. Most definitely recommend.

This Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse is a wonderful little mouse. Simply plug in as well as away you go. Easy to move without any hassel in all from COMPUTER to Mac. The mouse has an useful storage area in the battery compartment to hold the USB receiver.

This does exactlly whats its intended as well. Functions well. The USB connecter is a little flaky as it splits up leaving the system in your laptop yet this was easely corrected by using a small screwdriver and pushing the clasps in … Works well as well as for the cost you can’t actually complain.

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  • Light weight
  • 3 button mouse with scroll wheel
  • Ideal for all Apple Mac, or windows PC and laptop with USB port
  • Optical sensor
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (Not included)

See Featured Image of  Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse

Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse image 1 Tedim Ultra Slim/Small Wireless Optical Mouse image 2

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Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook Review

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop MacbookTI-Station attributes.

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook , created to match Apple Macbook as well as All note books. TI-Station is made from a single solid piece of aluminum with stand-blasted silver plated finish.
Ti-Station transforms your note pad into a trendy and steady workstation.
All ergonomic standards advise placing the screen at eye level and also maintaining your back, forearms and wrists directly. There can be attained using your laptop computer with TI-Station, an outside keyboard and a mouse. TI-Station assists you work conveniently on a daily basis.

Place Your Laptop on a Pedestal Take your productivity to the following level. The Spinido? Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook raises your laptop to give an optimal viewing angle while also leaving workdesk space for accessories such as a key-board and also external hard drive.

Persevere Enjoy a raised watching angle without using up a lot of room on your workdesk. The TI-Station gives a solid structure for your laptop computer with a sophisticated, minimalist layout.

Enhanced Airflow without Clutter

The open platform enhances airflow to your gadget to assist keep it trendy, while the rubber grasp surface keeps your laptop securely in position. The cable television pass-through keeps your cords nicely collected for a clutter-free work space.

If you are extremely tall (over 6ft) you could require something different to obtain to optimal elevation. Few stands will certainly do so, as the greater you go, the centre of gravity rises and it ends up being increasingly more unsteady. This possibly implies a telescopic clamp/arm service is better for you.

Really pleased with this Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook; it behaves as well as durable – the laptop computer really feels well protected on it (without should clip it in or anything that can be a faff) and it looks very clean and fashionable on the desk. It develops a lot more ergonomic set up coupled with a keyboard as well as mouse. Would suggest.

This stand for my 2016 MacBook Pro is as best as maybe if a little on the costly side. It sits rigidly – no bounce and just a little flex – concerning 3mm at the front when weighing down on the Mac. Wonderful touch is the eliminated in the front assistance which conveniently enables training of the display when the cover has actually been shut.

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  • Thoughtful Laptop cushion & slippery-killer cushion design keeps TI-Station stand steady
  • Premium Quality Aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to cool laptop
  • The elegant silver finish perfectly match Apple Macbook and other laptops with width less than 10.4 inches.
  • Cable management ring allows you to keep all your cables organized and your desk clutter-free.
  • Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use

See Featured Image of Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook image 2 Bestand Aluminum Laptop Stand Desktop Macbook image 1

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AffiliBots Review


AffiliBots gives you 17 different “BOTS” to help you gain commissions in various NICHES from all the top Affiliate marketplaces. There are 600 affiliate programs to promote in AffiliBots every month across WarriorPlus,Amazon, ClickBank & JVZoo.

The software will find you the Top Selling Products Daily. This helps you target the most popular, the idea behind it is regarding what people are searching on any given day. This will increase you chances to sell these very popular items.

The software builds you websites in seconds to help you achieve this. There are 100 done-for-you templates, including web pages, affiliate promotions and more. It also in ! click creates a dozen video pages, squeeze pages and a landing page.

The last step is traffic which is done with Rapid Rank Video Software for Google and YouTube. You simply import some script with one click and hit go. All very straight forward. There are 24 different features to help you and lots of training for seasoned and newbies to affiliate marketing.

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Click Bank Marketing Expert. An In depth guide to ClickBank Marketing. Value $20

One of the biggest affiliate sites is Click Bank. This bonus gives you an insight to how to make it all work for you the way you want it too. Becoming an expert on the marketing within it will help you greatly.

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Sqribble Review

This bonus gives you a huge amount of graphics to make this software look even more original. You will need to add you own touches if you wish to sell it online so this bonus help you do exactly that.

Sqribble gives you the ability to create eBooks, Reports, Articles and Whitepapers in minutes with no typing whatsoever. These are all created for you and the content is entered automatically from a particular niche.

This gives you more credibility, leads. Sales and fans daily. You can educate or become an author. There is no limit on the pages, it’s unlimited, and you can even add your own media if you wish. This can make it all more original. The software covers everything such as automatic numbering, headers and footers. There’s even a huge library of stock images.

No writing skills are required, no technical skills are required and no design skills. It’s all done within the sqribble software. There are 50 Unique templates in 15 Hot NICHE categories, and it’s all drag and drop design. It’s all very easy to use and can really give you a whole new revenue stream if you wish.

You can sell everything you produce as you get a FREE Commercial license. So, if you want to become an educator, writer and authority and make money in a NICHE you can easily do this with “Sqribble”.

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Big Graphics Bundle. Fantastic graphics you can use in your videos! Value $29

This bonus gives you a huge amount of graphics to make this software look even more original. You will need to add you own touches if you wish to sell it online so this bonus help you do exactly that.

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Viddyoze Review


Viddyoze is a fully automated video animation maker for marketers and businesses. It has huge number of templates to choose from and they are all very well designed. In total there are 170 of these so I’m sure you will find something that suits your needs.

If you’re paying for expensive contractors or freelancers, then this could be for you. If you’re thinking of it then this could also be for you. You get high-class professional animations in just 3 clicks.

Everything can be matched with you branding very quickly and you don’t need previous experience with design or marketing to make it work for you. Moreover, its cloud based so can work from anywhere if you have the internet.

It has the latest effects and movie type filters to give you a high-quality finished result. This can improve all your shares, sign-ups and engagement massively.

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Animated Graphics Firesale. Fantastic graphics you can use in your videos! Value $17

This bonus gives you extra graphic to help this software. You can never have enough imagery when making any video content.