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3 Reasons Why Choosing Your Domain Name Can Make You Or Break You!

With millions of websites on the Internet today, choosing a Domain Name can become quite gruesome. Have you ever asked yourself, loved ones, friends, your dog etc. – “What shall I call my Domain“?

Not having a clue about your site’s name can become tiresome, exhausting and even draining to say the least. I‘ve known people that have taken months to make a decision about their Domain Name.

First of all, before you even think of choosing a Domain Name, you have to know what type of business you are thinking of promoting or getting into. Does the word “niche“ strike a cord?

A profitable niche can be described as a certain business or market category you can be interested in getting involved with to promote either someone’s product or maybe even your own. There are three main niche categories and they are as follows:




Wealth Niche – Can include these types of businesses – Business Opportunities, Home Based Business, Work from Home (great for moms or even dads), Internet Marketing and Advertising, Selling Products on eBay or, Stock Market Investing just to mention a few.

Health Niche – Can include these types of businesses – Quit Smoking, Migraine Headache Remedies, Losing Weight, Exercise Equipment, Correct Eating Habits, Herbal Diets and so forth.

Life Style Niche – Can include these types of businesses – Pets, Travel, Magazine Subscriptions, Home & Garden, Fashion Industry and more.

Once you have chosen a niche, you want to make sure that whatever Domain Name you choose for your site is relevant to what you are promoting.


Let‘s say you have a website and the theme of your site is Pets, (a billion dollar a year industry, by the way), you want your name to be something like the following:

““ or ““. Are you beginning to catch my drift?

Relevancy to your niche or whatever you‘re promoting is vital to your online business success.

Try to also keep your Domain Name short and sweet and use this TLD (Top Level Domain – “.com“. You want you‘re name to look and sound professional and easy enough to remember.

If you find out that a lot of the names you are choosing are already takenFeature Articles, try and be creative by adding a hyphen between words. There are plenty of Internet Millionaires out there that do use hyphens in their Domain Names without it causing any problems.

Best of luck to all and be sure to choose your Domain Name wisely!

Author – Jes Guzman from ArticlesFactory

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Various Type Of Cyber Threats And And How To Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Hacking is becoming more and more rampant these days. If your web site is not secure, you risk having your web store hacked. Information can be stolen but more importantly, trust and confidence will be lost.
Users who shop at your site will leave once they discover that your web site has been hacked. It’s always hard to recover trust if you lose it. At times, the loss of trust is forever. This translates to loss of revenues. Hacking can be extremely damaging to your internet business. What are some well known cyber threats and how can you protect yourself from them?

SQL Injection – SQL injection threats are some of the most commonly seen. This is not really a hacking threat but more of a programming flaw. Hackers attempt to catch access to your database by entering single quotes in web forms to alter SQL statements. This sounds a little technical but most web developers are aware of this threat. A moment of carelessness can lead to an entire web site being compromised. When a site has been compromised, sensitive data such as usernames and passwords can be stolen. This will lead to disastrous consequences. So how to protect against SQL injection? have your web developer examine each script on your web store. Then write secure code to patch all the vulnerabilities.

SSL encryption – This is a must if you are asking your users to send sensitive data on your web site. For example, during checkout, your users may be asked to enter credit card details, personal address, etc. If the data is sent over the public network (i.e. the Internet), the data can be intercepted by special programs (commonly known as sniffers). These programs operate silently on computers within the same network. All data passed within the network can be sniffed. That means if you are sending private data, they will be revealed to whoever is using the sniffer software. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you use the SSL protocol. All data that is sent using this protocol is encrypted. So even if the data is intercepted, they will be useless to the hacker. To install SSL on your online web site, you need to apply for an SSL certificate. Then check with your web host on how to setup SSL on your web site. For most shared hosting plans, shared SSL is used. You will need to sign up for a business class plan if you want to have private SSL.

Cyber threats are very real and usually, hackers are after only one thing – data. They agree that there is valuable stored on your online siteArticle Search, and will stop at nothing to try and catch their hands on the data. So make sure you put in the measures to stop these threats. Harden your server with proper firewall.

by Gen Wright from articlescity